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Three Fires, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

AC 1000

AC 1014

AC 1000 - 6,216 sq. miles
AC 1014 - 5,992 sq. miles

Population: (1 person per 2 sq miles)
AC 1000 - 3,108
AC 1014 - 2,696

Ethnic Groups:
Boldavian 60%, Flaem 20%, Heldann 10%, Thyatin 5%, Wendarian Human, 4%, Other 1%

Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Cinigiago: (250/225) is the largest village and administrative seat of the Free Province.
Anapa (100+ various numbers of GSoM personnel): is located 24 miles north of the Barony of Lipetsk.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Cingiago.

AC 1000 – Propraetor Anatoly Borzakovsky (born AC 948, M19, Fire Elementalist 3rd Circle, AL-N, strong background as a military wizard) Appointed in AC 997
AC1014 - Propraetor Marcus Furius Camillus (born 955, F18, retired Brigadier General, Glantrian Army) Appointed AC 1005

not aligned to any house

The Three Fires Free Provinces (TFFP) consists of the mountains in northeast Glantri bordering Wendar, Heldann, and the Eastern Czaikow Hills Free Province.


There is only one trail of note in the TFFP. A poor quality trail leads from the Barony of Lipetsk to the village of Anapa. There are numerous foot trails into the mountains, but the trail to Anapa is the only trail capable of taking wagon traffic. There is has been no real effort to forge a trail into Wendar. The weather is this area is extremely tricky, the country FAR too unsettled and dangerous and even if a trail was forged it would only be usable for the short summer season before concerns about changing weather would make its use risky, especially with the close proximity to the border with Heldann and the pass into Wendar.

The province does a brisk trade in furs coming down from the trappers that live high in the Wendarian Ranges. As in much of the Wendarian Ranges; there is little in the way of mineral resources discovered in the range. Food is imported to supplement what hunters and trappers in the mountains manage to provide. Some thought has been given by the Council of Princes to trying to exploit economic possibilities of the three volcanoes in the province. However the costs involved to set up infrastructure to find, exploit, transport and protect make the project, in the Councils eyes, cost prohibitive. Especially since Glantri already has the fully functioning sulfer mines of the Two Volcanoes Free Province, with a safer more central location with access to vastly superior roads and river transport.

Notable People:
Propraetor Marcus Furius Camillus was selected by the Council in 1005 to be the Propraetor in the Three Fires Province since he was highly regarded tactician and was head of the Glantrian ROTC before retiring, after a disagreement with Prince Jaggar on the use of the reserve divisions. The Propraetor is considered by the Council a respected leader, fair but very firm with lawbreakers so the village has a well earned reputation for being a safe haven on the otherwise long and dangerous caravan trail along the Ethengarian border region.

Dagmar Krause (M10) is a instructor in monster biology at the Great School of Magic. She has been attached to the Anapa Research Station for the last 5 years. She rarely leaves the village on expeditions but often will contract locals, or preferably any experienced adventurers around, to bring back live or dead (but in one piece) specimens depending on her needs. Dagmar has a small home inside the village which doubles as her lab. She is unmarried but does live with two cats and one dead houseplant. Dagmar loves the local beverage and can often be found when not at home working at the village pub playing darts and attempting to drink the locals under the table.

Notable Sites:
The village of Cinigiano is located near the border with Heldann looking over the Eastern Czaikow foothills only a few miles north of where the east-west crosses the Heldann border in ECFP territory. Cinigiano was founded 150 years ago by a small branch of Thyatins who traveled to this region with Prince Morphails Boldavians during the great immigration. The village is the administrative and economic center of the TFFP. The market is the center of social life in the village. As befitting a village very near a trade route the village has scores of inn's and taverns, more than a town this size might have normally have. They are well kept and are respectable places. Crime in the town is negligible. Every day farmers from the more productive hills to the south and west bring their goods to market. Everyone, from young to old, poor to the Propraetor himself come out and mingle and pick the best from the farmer’s bounty of potatoes and vegetables.

The village of Anapa is a village supporting the prospectors heading into the depths of the Wendarians and the trappers that do bring some wealth and trade in the forms of firs and animal pelts, along with the occasional live animal or even monster destined to be sold in the Capital. The village also supports a research station sponsored by the Great School of Magic. The outpost just celebrated it's 10th year last year with a paper published in the capital summarizing all that the station has discovered. A group of between 20 and 30 mages and mundaner experts on Geology rotates in and out from the Capital. The town itself is a basic frontier outpost with outfitting stores for miners, trappers, scores of taverns and inn's for those who a warm bed and a brew after 6 months in the wilderness. Information is the real medium of exchange in Anapa. Monsters, potential ore deposits, migrations of animals, and weather are all that everyone, wizards included, want to talk about.

The most interesting of the three volcanoes that give the province its name would be Mount Jyväskylä the western most of the three Volcanoes. It has the greatest frequency of errruptions of the three and by all accounts the most spectacular For the last several years a team of researchers from the Great School has been taking measurements of the volcano.

However the head of the research station in Anapa is concerned something else may be up there. The team was late returning and a team of locals and adventurers sent to retrieve them has not reported back. The head of the station is being to think the Propraetor needs to be informed that something may be lurking in the mountains around the Volcanoes.

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