The Rebirth



Jul 01, 2006 21:37:28
Silly question, but why exactly did the halflings feel that transforming themselves into other races during the Rebirth, be of any gain?

Is there anymore details on this process?


Jul 01, 2006 22:55:36
The general idea I believe was that with the nature-benders defeated, and how the world changed with the effort that took (sun changed, oceans retreated), that they felt civilizations more appropriate to the new conditions of the planet were as required as the new plants and animals that would be needed.


Jul 01, 2006 23:14:15
Hmm.. something just feels wrong with it.. but I suppose I have to go with it.


Jul 02, 2006 0:02:35
The ancient halfings believed their arrogance and mastery of lifeshaping to be the cause of the world's demise, so they punished themselves by ceasing to exist as a race and people, mutating into potentially worthier descendants.

I'm not sure but I think there's a similar storyline with the kryptonians. In their arrogance, the assuredness of their technological and moral superiority, the people of Krypton failed to see and to believe that one of their own - general Zod - could and would destroy the sun.

Once the deed was done and Zod and his associates emprisonned, I think the people of Krypton decided to punish themselves by staying on Krypton to accompany their dying sun. (I don't even think Jor'El sent his son Kal'El to Earth so he could recreate or preserve kryptonian civilization, but rather so that his son would use that knowledge to better help the humans along.)

Maybe I'm full of it too.


Jul 02, 2006 0:46:21
Actually, I sort of saw it similar to Pennarin, thinking that they pulled a tower of babel trick -- in order to stop themselves from wracking such devistation as the Brown Tide did again, they transformed themselves into these myriad of races, and stripped the knowledge of lifeshaping permanently from themselves in the process.


Jul 02, 2006 0:50:55
Never thought of it of as a punishment of sorts.. I like that. Makes a heck of a lot more sense to me...


Jul 02, 2006 1:39:32
The rebirth was the ultimate expression of Halfling hippiedom. Peace man.


Jul 02, 2006 2:49:34
The rebirth was the ultimate expression of Halfling hippiedom. Peace man.