Oops. Libris Mortis and DS- Animated Plains Giant



Jul 02, 2006 0:43:09
I'm setting up a story arc for the PCs to do. It is just before Dregoth Ascending and my PCs are level 11. I put an evil Templar of Daskinor out in the Silt Sea with a necromantic bent. He has an object that can cast awaken undead. The Templar has the following feats from Libris Mortis. The numbers in brackets give you a rough idea of what the undead gain when they get animated.

Corpse Crafter (+4 strength, +2 hp/HD)
Deadly Chill (+1d6 cold damage melee)
Nimble Bones (+4 initiative, +10 ft movement)
Destructive Retribution (1d6 negative energy damage + 1d6/2 HD)
Hardened Bones (+2 AC)

Heres how an animated plains giant crunches out as once Awaken undead is cast on them. Can also be animated in an unhallowed area for more fun and games.

Plains Giant Skelitons Huge Undead CR 8

HD 16d12+32hp (153 hp)
Intitiative +9
Speed: 50
AC 22 (10, -2 size, +5 natural, +8 armor, +1 Dexterity)
BAB +8
Attack: melee +21 huge bone greatsword- 4d6+20+1d6 cold
Full Attack: +21/+16 4d6+20+1d6 cold
Special Attacks. Rock Throwing
Special Qualities. Immune Cold, DR 5/bludgeoning, Darkvision 60, Turn resistence +2, 9d6 retributive strike (negative energy reflex DC 15 for half 10' radius)
Abilities. Str 39, Dex 13, Con -, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha-
Feats: Improved Initiative
Equipment: Huge Bone Longsword, Mekilot Full Plate Armor

I might bump them up to CR 10 or so. Base CR for a huge skeliton is 7 but I might houserule that they get +1 CR for every 2 corpse crafter type feats used to animate them. Feel free to unleash them on your players. I have mine hide under the Silt and the Templar has a Giant graveyard to aquire more skelitons from and has slaves working in an onyx mine to provide the material component to animate dead.