Jul 05, 2006 6:43:25
Out of sheer curiosity, if you had to figure 3.x stats for Xanxost, will you make him a "normal" blue slaadi or you think it would be better to give him (it, her?) class levels, or advanced HD, or something? I would like to make him (, in my camapign, a sort of "planar guide" rented by the gruop for a dangerous tour..so i'm try to figure how to manage him stat-wise (and i can't wait to play Xanxost part... :D ) Also, except for "Faces of Evil" i've never read something "official" aboit xanxost..anyone knows the real (AKA official)dark about him? thanks


Jul 05, 2006 7:29:14
Xanxost is only found in Faces of Evil and The Inner Planes. No stats, but monsters with class levels were almost unheard of in 2nd edition, so it's safe to say that Xanxost would have been presented as an ordinary blue slaad (inasmuch as any slaad can be considered "ordinary").

In 3.x, sure, it makes sense to add class levels. Maybe Xanxost is a loremaster.


Jul 06, 2006 20:52:16
I was totally going to say loremaster, like Rip. Other appropriate classes/PrC's that I would have thought appropriate might be Ardent Dilettante, Bard, Chaotician, Fatemaker, Horizon Walker, Planeshifter, Rogue or even just plain old Adept.

That's what I would have guessed, but, when I asked him, Xanxost told me he had several levels in paladin, battle maiden, and Beloved of Valarian. Go figure! ;)


Jul 07, 2006 1:48:46
loremaster and ardent dilettante both seem great choices
thanks for the help