Vampire House Rule



Jul 05, 2006 17:49:04
I just created this house rule for vampires (after reading Vampire Hunter D) and wanted to know what anyone thought of it:

Create Spawn (Su): If a vampire consciously desires so and only of her own free will, any eligible creature slain by her blood/energy drain rises as a vampire or spawn under her control. The rules used for determining whether the victim rises as a vampire or spawn and when they do so remain the same.
[Note: This is to prevent overpopulation, seems to be more lawful, and gives the vampire an advantage over vampire-wannabes.]

Blood Call (Su): A vampire may use her dominate power on any creature that was previously subjected to her blood drain attack without requiring eye contact. Merely the sound of her voice is sufficient to control the victim. Victims who are deafened or otherwise unable to hear the vampire's voice (such as being out of hearing range) are immune to this power, and a recording or illusion of the vampire's voice has no effect.
[Note: This is so a vampire can turn her former victims on their allies in battle without having to focus all her attention on them.]


Jul 06, 2006 7:34:39
I personally think vampires are overpowered. They progress through age categories with massive boosts in their stats, and they come with a load of special powers useable at will to boot (flying in human form being perhaps the most versatile of them). Worst of all, I think the touch-drain ability is hugely unbalancing and is quite a broad overextension of what should have been just a bite attack.

Dicefreaks has a thread showing their vampire rules, and it solves problems with the main overpowering effects, while giving them enough secondary powers to keep them worthwhile.