Stats for Dragonstones



Jul 06, 2006 7:25:58
Hi Folks,

Been a longtime lurker on the forums and a veteran Dragonlance GM, but this'll be my first post. I've been running a campaign leading into the War of the Lance for the past 16 years, starting with AD&D 2nd Edition, through 3rd Edition and have finally managed to drag myself into 3.5 - updating is a pain in the ass, but Sovereign Press stuff is good enough to make it worthwhile. Anyway, one updating to 3.5 I decided to change the direction of my campaign and shot the PCs back to the opening years of the 2nd Dragon War. The PCs are prophesised to take part in the coming war against the liberated five Sons of Takhisis (i.e. the god-created dragons) and their armies. Anyway, I'm planning on involving the Dragonstones pretty heavily but can't find any indication of stats or powers anywhere. To clarify, that's the Dragonstones - given to the elves by the three gods of magic to imprison the essences of the five Sons of Takhisis and their contemporaries during the 1st Dragon War (circa 3,500PC) and buried, only to be dug up by the dwarves delving Thorin (circa 2,710PC) leading to the release of the Sons of Takhisis by the great red Crematia and the onset of the 2nd Dragon War (circa 2,693PC). Not to be confused with the Dragon Orbs, which were created a millenia later by the Order of High Sorcery.

Anyway, I can find plenty on their history, but nothing in the way of stats - can any of you knowledgable people give me a hand on that front? Also, anything on the Scions (game or otherwise) or that period of Dragonlance history in general would be much appreciated!

Cheers in advance, folks!


Jul 06, 2006 7:34:26
The dragonstones are essentially plot devices, with little to no published information on what they are capable of. I think you have free rein to come up with whatever you like in that regard. In this sense they're like the Stones of Three that were used to create the Towers of High Sorcery or the Graygem itself - tools by which the plot may be directed.

As for scions, we haven't published anything about them yet, although something's on the horizon in that regard, so keep your eyes peeled.



Jul 06, 2006 8:01:23
Thanks for that, Cam. Any chance you'll have that stuff on the Scions ready for me for my session this Sunday afternoon!!? ;) Been making use of some homebrew stuff and some of the info from the Nexus, and for the most part mostly going down the undefined, statless plot device route, but I'll look forward to seeing the official take!

Yeah, I got the feeling that the Stones were intended to be used in the way you suggest, and for the most part I intend to use them to propel the story forward, but there is a chance that for a short time, the PCs will manage to get their sweaty little paws on them and I'd kinda like to find a way to give the players a little taste of the god-given power (and, of course, potential danger) of the Stones .

Free rein, eh?! :D


Jul 24, 2006 15:02:23
Why not create a low DC epic spell, designed explicitly to capture draconic souls, that can be cast via the dragon stones?

--it ought to be easy enough to do NB