What land is Nova Vaasa based on?



Jul 06, 2006 21:58:10
I was looking through the Ravenloft Player's Handbook and the Fraternity of Shadows, and was able to realize that several lands in Ravenloft were based off of real-world countries; Dementlieu is based off of Urban France, Souragne is based off of Haiti, Borca is Italy, and so on. Unfortunately, I was unable to pin Nova Vaasa in any specific area.
Personally, I think Nova Vaasa is based off of the crushing urban poverty and overpopulation of most cities in general.
What do you think?


Jul 07, 2006 3:12:45
Hungary for the noblemen and the love of the horses.

For the cities, I like to use the example of Paris right before the French Revolution. Too many people, too few jobs, not enough bread.


Jul 07, 2006 5:40:59
Looking at the dietary habits (kielbasa, golabki, pirogi), I was figuring Poland.


Jul 07, 2006 7:33:14
Historically, I would say Hungary or Poland, I would even dare suggest Lithuania (back when it was the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania and a major power in medieval Europe).

As to which plain the doman was ripped out of, the name is clearly from FR (see region of Vaasa), but thematically I would say Greyhawk or even Birthright.


Jul 07, 2006 7:36:47
Do not forget that there is no domains based exactly on a real world country or area.

All were inspired by something, but still the RL result is often very different ...



Jul 07, 2006 21:53:46
According to comments from Andrew Cermak, who wrote the Nova Vaasa report for Gaz V, he built it as a mixture of Danish and Polish culture with what had been established in previous products, with some parallels to FR's Vaasa in the history as well.

Matthew L. Martin