Travel times on the Great Paths



Jul 10, 2006 6:16:45
I would like to konw if somewhere there's a list of "travel times" on the Styx, the River Oceanus, Yggdrasil and Mount Olympus (with and without guides). I remember that in the "DM guide to the Planes" and "The Planewalker guide" was stated that travels on the Styx never last more than a day (regardless of the planes travelled), but in another source (that i can't remember) it said the travel times on the Styx was 2-7 days (or 1-3 days with a marraenoloth), with a percentual possibility of getting lost without a guide. As for the other three pacts, i don't remember anything precise..
Can some knowlegdeble planewalker help me?



Jul 12, 2006 9:32:04
I thought it only takes a day to get anywhere on the styx


Jul 12, 2006 11:31:24
I thought it only takes a day to get anywhere on the styx

so it was stated in 2nd ed. Planescape, and so it's stated in 3rd edition Material on other source i remember was the file "planar pathways" downloadabel on the old side..and so it was quite unofficial. i think..
For the other paths, there are no time tarvel whatsoever?


Jul 16, 2006 15:32:30
FC1: Hordes of the abyss lists it as 1d20 hours to get from one plane to the nearest one navigating the styx with a maraenoloth, or twice that without the guide. I can't recall any other travel times, although I suspect they're a lot longer than using the styx.