Leaving the Burnt World.



Jul 11, 2006 2:34:18
Just thought I would say bye. I'm concluding my DS campaign after 9 months or so and going from level 1-12. Basically I don't really have the time to design adventures or adapt material due to other things in my life- work, family,MTG Nationals, life in general etc. I'm migrating to a FR campaign where the PCs are going to have a go the Age or Worms adventure path from Dungeon magazine. I've also got a few D&D books I want to use that don't really fit Athas- Stormwrack,Hordes of the Abyss, and the Players Handbook 2. I've got a large pile of D&D material that has been getting neglected- in 5 years I've never really run a 3.0/3.5 FR campaign despite owning a big pile of FR books.

1. Thanx to Athas.org. Love most of your work and good luck with the Dragon/Avangion rules.

2. I'll allow Psionics in my games now.

I'll still lurk here and maybe post now and then and add the odd tidbit for you guys to nibble on. I have aniggling feeling I'll be back at some point.


Jul 12, 2006 10:13:34
...and good riddance, too.

hee hee...jk

looking foward to your eventual return....but don't let it take too long now. ya' hear?


Jul 12, 2006 14:08:52
Heh, just as we post the avangion rules, he leaves. :P


Jul 14, 2006 14:39:15
Hey, Zaardnar, you should do what I do: when too busy, lurk!


Jul 15, 2006 16:14:01
Your stuff will dutifully keep on working, Duracell-like, from its home in the Archive.


Jul 16, 2006 23:48:08
Busy lurking away. Hopefully it won't take 10 years to return.