A rough Idea, a long post...



Jul 11, 2006 5:41:30
I was thinking about what kind of Dragonlance game I wanted to run. I was orginaly thinking of a retelling of another era, like the war of the lance, but I decided that instead of chainging history I'd let my players forge their own.

Then an idea came to me about an epic story that took my players across the world of Kyrnn, and on an adventure that will make them kings!

Note: I haven't hammered out any real details, this is jus a rough draft and I 'm mostly looking for ideas and feedback. Oh, and some of these plot points I want to create might not make sesne that they happen that way, but I'm just laying out my rough ideas.

Anyway, I'm thinking that a race or faction (haven't decided yet...again thats why I'm posting ) have invaded into small provinces and pillaged small thropes and villages (haven't decide where yet). The heros are from the lands that have been ransacked, and their pleas for help have fallen on def ears from other nations of a failing republic that is suppose to be protecting them. They call the common man to arms to protect their homes and lands, and they lead a campaign to take back that which was taken from them.

After reclamingther lands, the rupblic (or otehr goverment) begins to feel threatened by the numbers the PC's will amass. Soon the PC's will have to defend themselves again, but this time from a country with a trained military and possiably greater numbers. The PC's shall ight them tooth and nail and a massive conflict for rule of the land begins.

After many years (I'd like a 10 year war as I plan this to be an epic...well it would be nice atleast), the Heros lead their peopel to victory, and the common man rises up and pillages the house of nobles. A character will take the throne (I think it wil be a NPC who becomes king, but i might alow a PC depending on how things work out). The king shall rule for many years with little troubles.

But plague shall strike at the kingdom as barbarian hoardes begin their invasions, these hoards have run the plains for many years unchecked and unchallenaged. The PC's shall lead another engament, and after driving the hoards back, the King shall ordering something shocking, pressing the attack and claiming the hoards land. Soon the king shall form a new empire, one that hall bring justice and order to the chaos that Kyrnn has become.

I'd probably have the players make new characters at this point and pick up a few decades after the empire is formed. The PC's would take up the role of people in a far away country that are soon threatened by this empire. Players would find themselves struggling with the notions of law vs. Chaos. Yes they want to protect their homes, but would joining the empire really be that bad? This part of my epic would forge heros that aren't important now, but they wil play an important part later. Once this nation is consumed by the empire, a new secert knight order is formed, at this point I again jump forward in time.

This would lead into the last part of my play, the final act if you will . The emperor has two sons, both who want to claim the throne once their father dies...which he might at the end or the begining of this part of my epic. The sons have the empire split, one thinks they should rule because they are the elder child, while the other thinks they rule by some other right (I might say by divine right...that's a good way to get followers by saying you're backed by a God ). Soon another conflict breaks out between the two children and the PC's are forced to pick a side in the up coming conflict.

Unknown to the players, they are being pushed by an unseen hand. It may turn out that the members of the secert knight order are the PC's from the second act. I'd like to create a motivation that would make them bitter towards the empire, and want to try and place a puppet on the throne they can control more easily then the children. All the while getting backing for the PC's (which I don't know why the PC's, butthis is just some rough ideas) to take power in the empire.

I'd like to end the game at the beginning of a new age, and maybe have the whole gamme go over atleast a hundred year peroid (Depending how long the wars last and how much of a gap I place between each act...the knights might be descendants of the PC's that became bitter towards the empire) This game could go for 500 years.

I think this would make an awesome DL game. It keeps to the constant conflict that Kyrnn almost seems cursed to endure. Anyway, what do you guys think?


Jul 17, 2006 2:31:35
no thoughts or other comments?

well I think I've decide to start the forst part in Qualinesti or Solamnia. I think a good place to start the second part would be inone of the more nomadnic nations like Nordmaar. The of course the last part would return to nation from the first part...

Thats all I've really come up with...i guess I'll opst more as I get a chance and as it comes to me.


Jul 18, 2006 12:34:17
Nordmaar would probably be the best bet (assuming you are doing this on Ansalon rather than Taladas). The major forests on ansalon are Qualinesti, Silvanesti, Wayreth forest, Sancrist Isle, Kender forest (on North-Ergoth), one forest in Solamnia east of the Garnet Mountains and the Goblin Forest in Nordmaar. Silvanesti could work because the Elves would probably be ready allies in reclaiming their land but you already have a military in charge in the form of the minotaurs. Qualinesti is probably a bad idea as well because you have goblins being commanded by a trained military mind in Cpt Samuval (Samar? can't remember which is which). Sancrist isle is pretty much run by the knights and is kinda of small for a prolonged war, same as North Ergoth. This leaves the forest of Solamnia and Nordmaar. Assuming you want to run this campaign close to the end of the War of Souls the knights are already moving into the area to re-establish their authority in Solamnia. So probably your best bet would be to use the forest of Nordmaar and rid it of the goblins. Of course you need to consider the three dragon overlords in the area. If the PCs can somehow get rid of the goblins and the dragons then you have both Kalaman and Solamnia to the West, Kern Ogres to the South-East and of course the Knights of Neraka to the South and you could pick which government (or possibly all three) will fight for the forest area.


Jul 19, 2006 2:28:56
I'm thinking of runing it between 50 and 100 years after the war of the souls. Thanks for your input.


Jul 19, 2006 10:05:55
If it is going to be that long after any current info then you can essentially just pick any forest that you want, but you will have to come up with a timeline for events in the forest you are going to be using (at least a simple outline of the years and may be events between WoTS and the time your are in). It could even be a new forest if you so decide but of course you will have to come up with history.