new here :) and need somehelp



Jul 22, 2006 19:20:24
hey- just a lurker really, DS was the first Adnd game i played.and after all this time im a DM and all

what i liked about the Ds world was the magic system, anyways the thing is, i made my own world and have been using it for over one yeah now. 3.0 or 3.5

i mage all wizards SPEC in some Dragonlance with the 3 robes..just larger. and one coler robe for every school

all the big wizards guilds are governed by the secrect order called "the wizard of high magic" and im gonna let the wizard be defilers...and i was looking for a good pc or prc for a defiler

and i maybe need to give em a boost of somekind,

what i need your help for

1. why is defiling high wizardy?

2, what is it that makes it more powerfull?

3,how do i add some more flavor insted of the spell level bonuses.

sorry for the bad spelling..from a small dark country Europe..where it always rain..


Jul 23, 2006 17:01:40
hmm ok..then plz post all you'r links too good Defiler classes



Jul 23, 2006 18:24:42
1. why is defiling high wizardy?

Not sure what you mean... pretty much all wizards on Athas are either preservers or defilers. Defiling is a rather common method of casting arcane spells, and it's supposed to be relatively easier than casting spells the preserver way.

2, what is it that makes it more powerfull?

The following text is from the Wizard class description found in the very first Dark Sun Boxed set. (Bear in mind that it's a little outdated, but it still describes the difference between defiling and preserving quite well.)

"In Dark Sun, magic is irrevocably linked to the environment. The casting of magical spells and the enchantment of magical items always draws energy directly from the living ecology in the vicinity, destroying the life there. Wizards can choose two paths toward mastery of magical energy.
The preserver learns to tap magical energies in such a way as to minimize or even cancel his destruction through balance and in-depth study, but his progress as a wizard is very slow.
The defiler, on the other hand, casts magical spells without regard to the havoc he plays upon the environment- his very existence destroys the life around him. Defilers are wizards who have decided to take a faster, darker approach to mastering the use of magical spells. In the give and take of spell casting, defilers are well versed in the taking, but give nothing in return. With every spell cast, a defiler leeches the life-energy out of the plants and soil around him, leaving a lifeless zone."

Defiling is generally more powerful because it holds nothing back. Preserving requires more control and finesse.

3,how do i add some more flavor insted of the spell level bonuses.

Defiling is an incredible display of sinister power. The entire land surrounding the spellcaster is drained of life; its life force is visibly channelled into the spell. This is a sight that would intimidate any but the most unfazeable of adventurers.

Just remember to emphasize the dark aspects of defiling and you should be fine.


Jul 24, 2006 6:31:35
1. Go to
2. Download the Dark Sun 3.5 Core Rules in the Releases section.
3. Read Feats and Magic chapters in Dark Sun 3.5 Core Rules.
4. Download the Dark Sun Prestige Class Appendix I from the Releases section.
5. Read Arch Defiler and Leech PrC entries.
6. Read FAQ at ;)