An Ambitious Project



Jul 25, 2006 10:18:35
I have been a fan of the Ravenloft setting since 1993, being roughly the year I first picked up Castles Forlorn because of the cool artwork on the cover, and the year I picked up "Knight of the Black Rose". Before that point, all I had known was Dragonlance. I had been gaming for only a year, and had already created a gaming group of two local friends and myself. It's been a long time since then.

I remember when WotC gave the inprint to the Kargatane, and when the Kargatane became the writers for Arthaus, and when Arthaus revived Ravenloft. I also remember when Arthaus gave up the ghost, and the inprint reverted back to Hasbro.

I say this because, honestly, I love this setting. I have since I first picked up. But while I enjoyed running this setting in 2nd Edition D&D, I can't say I ever got quite the same enjoyment out of it in 3E or 3.5E. I think this is mostly because of the style best suited to the systems of 3E and 3.5E is heroic adventuring. While Heroes of Horror, and the 3.5 compatable Player's Guide to Ravenloft went a long way to reconciling this? I feel the 3.5E system holds back the feeling of the setting.

To this extent? I've started creating my own d20 system for Ravenloft. Purely fan-created, this system is based much closer to the Wheel of Time d20 system than 3.5, but the smoothness of 3.5 is very much there. I have worked on getting rid of the glaring lack of balance in several of the WoTd20 factors, and tried to set up a system wherein the Gothic feel of Ravenloft is successfully translated.

Why post about it here? Simply, I want input from the community. If you were to rehaul the d20 system to make it fit Ravenloft, what things would you include? What classes? How would you translate Horror and Fear checks? What houserules would you formalize? Using the Talent / Affinity style of magic from WoTd20, what types of magic would you keep?

My primary changes are as follows:
  • Wounds and Vitality instead of Hit Points
  • Classes: Armsman, Noble, Woodsman, Wanderer; Initiate, Wilder
  • Elimination of WoT setting specific rules (Madness, Gendered spellcasting, Lost Feats)
  • Regional Feats
  • Outcast Rating
  • Reputation
  • Inclusion of Shifters and Changelings as Ravenloft races
  • Defense bonus based on class
  • Fear, Horror, and Madness as level + Wis mod checks, not Will saves
  • All Spirit Affinity spells incur Powers Check (that includes all healing)

Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?


Jul 25, 2006 16:31:58
  • Fear, Horror, and Madness as level + Wis mod checks, not Will saves

So every class (and every character) is equally good at resisting all three types of checks?


Jul 26, 2006 1:27:51
Base, yes. Though, honestly, since it is a Wisdom-related save, so classes that benefit from the high Wisdom, being the Woodsman and the two channeler classes (Initiate and Wilder) will be a bit more resilient.

I'm also included the Jaded, Courage, and Open Mind feats.