Masque of the Jade Dragon



Jul 27, 2006 17:42:26
Does anyone know what's going to happen to this title? Is it abandon or is Wizards going to be nice and get it printed for all us diehard fans?


Jul 27, 2006 19:03:06
File it under "abandoned". And it never got past planing stage, so there is nothing to see...



Jul 28, 2006 13:09:54
You might want to check out the White wolf site. They pretty much say the same thing.


Jul 31, 2006 11:17:46
There are fan-made Asian flavored domains released in netbook formats. Also, back in May, there was an initial effort by members of the Fraternity of Shadows to assemble a netbook detailing a possible "Second Core" of Ravenloft, closely resembling East Asia and Southeast Asia with somewhat Gothic traits.

The thread at Fraternity's forums can be found here:

That thread is more like a sandbox area where users throw around ideas. An edited netbook with content arranged much more logically has been provisionally planned for September.

So far there are three Chinese-style kingdoms serving a centralized Chinese style Imperial throne. There is also a Manchurian/Korean style domain of mountains and tundra, along with a Mongol-inspired desert domain. Tibet, Indochina, and the Southeast Asian island nations are represented, along with a high-tech Japanese flavored nation.

Some analogues of Asian philosophy and religion have been introduced, including Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism (under suitably obscure pseudonyms, of course). A few mini-domains are included to simulate such realworld anomalies as the matriarchy tribes in southwestern China, and the religious zealots of the Taiping Rebellion.

Against this is the backdrop of newly-arrived foreigners from the "Western" Core domains, who are dealing with colonies and various other issues of culture shock.

Some proposals of an altered magical system are made, but we're still working on that.

If you do visit, make sure you drop by the post on Fuknaam for an awful eyeful of a fantasy version of the Guangdong province (and my own ancestral home).


Jul 31, 2006 11:55:59
Asian horror, esp. ghosts (ex. the Ring, Grudge, Shutter, Fatal Frame - latter is a PS2 game, others are movies) will be great!

Here in the Philippines we get lots of our own monsters too, like the Mananangal(I think its in one of the netbooks from Kargatane); a Kap-re(some sort of a giant humanoid outsider), Tik-balang(head of a horse, body of a human); tyinak(monster babies from Hell - like in the movie Its Alive/Unborn), and many others... It would be great if someone add them altogether in one netbook.


Jul 31, 2006 16:24:38
BTW, I think the name was suposed to be "Mask of the Jade Horror" (that's what I found on WW site...)


Jul 31, 2006 17:08:59
Actually, I've see it as Masque of the Jade Dragon in some places and Masque of the Jade Horror in others. Too bad it won't matter either way if we can't get Wizards to put it out!


Aug 01, 2006 16:58:47
Ok, half of us get the weapons and equipment, the others take care of the stealth equipement and transport... we're going to force WotC to get this book done... and even revive Ravenloft! :fight!: