Is it possible to cure Dhampirism?



Jul 27, 2006 23:15:38
As you may well know, we here at the Cult of the Morninglord specialize in eliminating vampires, nosferatu, vrykolaka and the sort, but, the other day I was presented with a most vexatious problem. I encountered a half vampire, a dhampire. The Midnight Clarion tells us that upon death the dhampire is doomed to rise again as a vampire, yet is does not say how long a life a dhampire can live, nor does it say anything about removing the taint from the creatures blood. Now, we can remove afflicted lycanthrope, and I can see to it that the dhampire doesn’t rise as a vampire, but, I need to know if anyone has come across any bit of lore or spell that could remove the Dhampirism.
Yours Truly,
The Dawnslayer


Jul 28, 2006 9:12:45
Madam, DawnSlayer

Upon receiving your letter amongst the countless others our great university receives on a daily basis, your little problem instantly arrosed my curiosity. Taking a tour of the library's extensive collection, I was appalled to find that very few clues exist on a possible cure. However, I did come upon a small portfolio of notes from a former educator named Ian Merderick at the university detailing an unfortunate incident involving an unfaitful wife and the child born here after. As the notes indicate, the child was born with many of the qualities inherent to these cursed creatures that are vampires. Being both a medical practicionner and a pious man, he endevoured to research the subject in hopes of saving the child at least (the mother having died at child birth). While according to the notes he fell very ill before completing his research, he did find that positive reaction did result when the child was exposed to substances that are commonly known to be the bane of the undead.

While I can't quote the entire portfolio here ( it is over 100 pages long) and I am sorry to say, as we are not properly acquainted enough for me to send you our unique copy of the portfolio. I can however propose a few deductions by compairing my own knowledge with the information in the portfolio. As I can understand, if common vampire banes can suppress the symptoms for a short period of time perhaps and that vampires commonly exhibit traits inherited from the ahem! "parent vampire". I believe that a properly concoted elixir combining common vampire banes with the bane of the sire vampire could if administered in the proper enviromment destroy the dhampire curse. By proper enviromment I mean a consecrated church of a deity dedicated to destroying undead ( that should no be a problem for you my dear). Enclosed in that enviroment, it would also seem proper to me that the provides would provide their blessings in order to facilitate the process (even if I am myself admitedly a devoted atheist). Truly I believe that the key to the cure is the very weapon by wich vampires can be returned to the cursed graves by wich they have arisen.

I shall endeavor to produce more research in my following letters
Sincerily yours
Professor Phillipe Rembrant, assistant curator for the medical division
at the Dementlieu University


Jul 28, 2006 9:39:32
Dawnslayer of the Morninglord,

After having read both your letter and the later reply something has struck me. Although the curse plaguing afflicted lycanthropes can be removed, the curse on natural lycanthropes can't. It is there natural state. They are born this way and doomed to continue as such. My research indicates that the same holds true for the dhampire. In my own experience those things that tend to be bane for the undead do not work on dhampires. My guess would be because they are still alive. (A stake through the heart being an exception, of course!) I would suggest either freeing them now, or preparing to prevent thier rising after death.

Irina Moroskoff
Society of the Raven
Village of Barovia, Barovia


Jul 28, 2006 12:19:09
Dear DawnSlayer,

I read your letter and made a little search in my papers and I must sadly say that nothing on this matter was found. But, there is one theory I think could help you: "Can you cure half-elfism?" sound to me as the same question as you asked. The Dhampir is born as he (or she) is, there is nothing to do about it if you ask me. The only thing I did found to helps cure Dhampirism is to first get the subjet to become a "full-vampire" and then kill the monster ASAP!

Darkor Firebreath,