Vistani. How parinoid?



Aug 03, 2006 15:42:22
Any Vistani Sorcerer had better be a woman, or they will be in danger from other Vistani. Does this apply to half-vistani as well?


Aug 03, 2006 16:30:35
Any Vistani Sorcerer had better be a woman

Where did you get this? I know that Vistani men can not be seers without this problem, but sorcerers?
As far as half-Vastani (Giomorgo) they are not considered to be fully "of the blood" (Ravenloft Players Handbook pg 41) by other Vistani and can do what ever any other Giorgio can do.


Aug 04, 2006 8:28:59
the canjar tribe in particular is full of sorcerors and wizards.


Aug 04, 2006 10:46:37
I guess you confuse Sorcerer (the core D&D class) and vistani Seer (vistani with the ability to see the future)?


Male vistani (or half-vistani) can be Sorcerers, as the other said.


Male vistani are never Seers, only woman can. In the extremely rare case when this happens, these males are dukkars (more or less like antechrist for the vistani culture).


Half-vistani are considered humans for special abilities. This means they do not have any of the spells / supernatural ability of "pure-blood" vistani.

So there could not be male or female half-vistani Seers.