Aug 04, 2006 22:08:29
Ok in Forrgotten Realms Arcane casters draw power from the Weave. So where do they get it in Greyhawk?And who is the god of Magic?


Aug 05, 2006 2:23:12
Whoa! Vast subject.

About the "where do they draw power from", there aren't well-known theories (which is to say: everyone has an opinion).

Gods related to magic, on the other hand, are well-known. Take your pick:
- Boccob
- Wee Jas
- Zagyg
- Vecna
- the Serpent (if you believe Vecna.. and you shouldn't)
- Murlynd
- Kyuss

(and I'm not even talking of the non-human gods)

If you're looking for the equivalent of Mystra, then Boccob is the one through he doesn't meddle as much as her (actually, he avoids doing that like the plague).

Dragon #338 had a nice-enough article about him (and Zagyg)


Aug 05, 2006 2:54:01
Boccob and Wee Jas are the real gods who have magic as a sphere, with Boccob being the most primally associated with it. Vecna, Murlynd, Zagyg, and Kyuss are petty powers whose magic association primarily stems from being ascended mages rather than gods "of" magic.


Aug 05, 2006 8:17:07
Addressing your first question - the Oerth appears to be infused with a magic field, the strength of which is waning as time goes by. As far as I know it's not related directly to any god or gods, nor does it have a specific name aside from, well, magic.


Aug 05, 2006 10:30:00
There are hints in some of the 2e modules (The Star Cairn, I think) that magic on Oerth flows in ley lines, and is especially potent where those lines cross.

There are some assumptions we can derive from Boccob's fondness of manipulating positive and negative energies that those forces are the source (or a source) of magic in the world. It seems reasonable to assume that magic flows from other planes, or at least through them.

However, Oerth doesn't have a god who controls and personifies magic as Toril does. Boccob is concerned about magic, but it doesn't belong to him in the same way that it belongs to Mystra. If he were to die, magic would still flow the same as it does now.

Oerth doesn't have a "weave" in the way Toril does (and no shadow weave either).

The Serpent was introduced by Monte Cook in Vecna Reborn, intended to be a poetic/insane way of describing the soul or spirit inherent in magic itself, which Monte Cook views as the sum of the words of power that brought the planes into existence and will uncreate them at the end of time. How intelligent this spirit of magic is is a matter for debate - Vecna believes it speaks to him. Magic, when it gets complex and sophisticated enough, does seem to have some amount of inherent sentience, but it's difficult to say how much was Vecna's own madness speaking to him.


Aug 05, 2006 14:44:41
There are hints in some of the 2e modules (The Star Cairn, I think) that magic on Oerth flows in ley lines, and is especially potent where those lines cross.

Indeed, I forgot to add that. It's true that Oerth itself seems to be the source of its magic. Witness the various magic stones which various factions seek to acquire at all cost. Witness too the "Oerthblood" Tenser was trying to harness to create artifacts.

In a sense, one could certain say that Oerth is a living entity and the deeper you go, the nearer to the "source" you get. But that's a subject for a rainy day...


Aug 05, 2006 14:54:22
Ok, Thanks for the Help.