Sorcerer Kings Fight!



Aug 07, 2006 3:51:44
There was too much talk about SKs fighting bubbling through other threads. Lets get it all out.

FIGHT!(in the tradition of Mortal Kombat, can you imagine Rajaats voice - that would be a cool MK mod with Rajaat replacing Shao Khan)

I believe Nibenay keeps The Oba around because:

He would have to pay more slaves to the dragon and/or incur borys wrath for killing a SK -- one less to help defend Rajaats prison. [Disregard that one if you play DS post Borys death]

It's good for King Nibenay* to have evidence that the city is in a semi-state of war, keeps the city prepared for a real war with another city-state; full fledged war with Gulg or one of the Urik/Nibenay tussles(to test each others defensive ability every decade or so - according to Lynn Abby The Brazen Gambit). This also makes it easier to enforce the Kings will, with the fear of war in the back of citizens minds.

King Nibenay doesn't want to expend any more energy than the bare minimum because he is saving every bit for his metamorphosis. To defeat another SK exclusively requires another SK(well unless a SK can scrabble together a group of semi-powerful heroes with a grievance against a SK :P ) or more. [If you are playing post Borys death then King Nibenay has also had to regenerate an arm and although it might have been quick, still would have cost a chunk of energy.] And killing another SK who is not explicitly good wouldn't count as part of the transformation ceremony processes.**

*Excuse me for using "King Nibenay" but it just alleviates any confusion when refering to him and his city.
**Which brings up another topic on SK combat.
Whoever killed the first Two Avangions must have gained a hell of a lot of XP, and if they had saved it for the right time could have made it part of the transformation process. (Or am I getting confused, I know Avangions must kill a powerful evil being as part of the transformation process -- so do Dragons yes/no??)
Therefore that would make Oronis[level 23 Avangion] a huge target for SKs who are looking to transform a stange.

[All Champions are level 21 Dragons AFAK, with the exception of perhaps Kalak who was perhaps a level 20 immortal, and I have heard Dregoth was a an immortal king before he was championized(love that word).]

How did Tectuktitlay get to dragon stage 22, he did rule over his people like a god - maybe he required a sacrifice at some point. IIRC Draj has a Ziggurat.

Nibenay level 23 dragon, either he has been squirrelling his energy away for a very long time - or um cleansing gnomes - I don't imagine cleansing would have given much XP, [all powerful voice]"oh those gnomes were extremely difficult to kill" Yeah Right!