Lets write fluff



Aug 08, 2006 4:50:44
Okay feel free to add your own piece to the story. It doesn't matter if you have an idea that doesn't fit, or different characters etc. We can tie it all up as it progresses.

Breaking free of the templars steely-grip the blond elven girl took off at a break-neck sprint toward the rampaging Inix herd. "Come back here half-elf for brains!" He shouted. To his astonishment she came to an abrupt halt in front of the flight of lizards, "Stupid child, where do you think you can run to?" The templar growled as he began closing the in on the elf child. To his dismay she stepped into the dusty squall of tails and scaly legs.

He still saw the orange of her clothes, then she appeared again on the other side sprinting, without the appearance of any injury. She disapeared shortly into the distance.

"[name] is back." A tall blond elf woman yelled, gathering the young girl up. "Those templars give you any trouble?" "Ney" the girl answered.

[girl needs a name, she has an ability that allows her to pick the perfect time to move, is a time thingy(sorry psionic?) where she is slightly in the future and can see everything before it happens, so can dodge anything she is looking at, can't dodge anything she is not looking at: hence how she was captured by a templar. She has perfect timing, and needs a name fulfilling of this speed ability.]


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Aug 12, 2006 1:14:23
Daar[it's elven for dart]