Areas of Intrest



Aug 08, 2006 15:08:41
Im starting a new Mystara game for my gaming group on friday. Four of my player are new to Mystara and two are know the world but not many of its details. What areas of intrest could you suggest I lead my band of adventures to? It doesnt have to be cannon, but Id like some input. I got a Thyatian elf and was thinking Alfhiem would make a good back drop for a hand full of adventures. But suggestion on which magic point(s)? Other point of intrest on Mystara?


Aug 08, 2006 15:28:08
Have you considered sending your campaign north of the Known World :lightbulb ?

The new fan-produced GAZ F line takes you through Wendar, Denagoth, the Northern Wildlands and in the next month Ghyr and the Western Alliance. You can access these through the thread starter below

It might be nice to hear how "fresh" views like or dislike the products.

A Thyatian has good reason to head north: Thyatis and Alphatia are currently wooing Wendar, other Thyatian interests include finding the Lost Legion that disappeared in the Northern Wildlands. Ghyr will have some more direct Thyatian involvement, too.



Aug 08, 2006 15:39:00
Sweet maps! I'll certainly be takeing a look. If I can get my @%!$#* computer to open the zip file! Just the maps alone will be a life saver. Nice work.