little assistance please



Aug 10, 2006 10:57:40
Our group is about to embark on a spelljamming adventure.

so now the question is this:

What effect would occur for a Warlock (Complete Arcane) have if he takes the Helm of the ship?

He is considered an Arcane caster but has no spell slots nor spells per day. he can use is powers at will without end.

Any ideas on this?


Aug 11, 2006 20:31:16
Normally, I would make a cool suggestion, like the following:
Legend tells of a spelljammer captain who can pilot his ship indefinitely, calling upon some heretofore unknown arcane power to infuse his ship with unprecedented agility and power.

However, since said warlock is a PC, I'd say he can't pilot a spelljamming vessel. He has no spell slots to contribute.

Alternatively, you could have it work normally - with the character being able to contribute unlimited amounts of energy to the helm. But then things start going wrong with the ship, kind of like Event Horizon - he's tapped the vessel into some kind of power/space that he really shouldn't have...


Aug 17, 2006 13:48:48
perhaps warlocks have to use series helms. it works for the illithid =D


Aug 17, 2006 14:16:49
The Worlock's power is a SLA if I'm not mistaken. Isn't there a type of helm that is powered by Spell-Like Abilities?


Aug 17, 2006 19:50:53
in second edition there were. they were called series helms, and were mostly used by illithid to my knowledge (though that knowledge is somewhat limited).

of course, real (read: psionic) illithids don't actually use spell-like abilities, they use psionics (although i suppose mindblast is still a psi-like ability, and is probably similar enough to work) but that was the basis of the series helm was to be powered by spell-like abilities, requiring a special series helm for each type of creature (i dunno if warlock is too generic a category, but in the interest of simplifying things i personally might just ignore the specialized helm requirement and make series helms work for anything).

i haven't seen any conversions to 3rd edition for them yet, so they must not be too popular =P


Aug 19, 2006 13:45:41
It might be fair to just let Worlocks use a regular helm. In my game, I would most likely let them keep using the eldrich blast afterwards, but wouldn't let them use the invocations untill they've rested. No one's playing a Worlock in my game at the moment, so I haven't had to deal with it yet.


Aug 20, 2006 17:57:15
Actually, at shattered fractine, the use helms which don't siphon spells from spellcasters.


Sep 01, 2006 2:14:56
Come now, any Worlock worth his title uses a Lifejammer. He he he.