Blacklore Peninsula Background



Aug 11, 2006 7:14:28
Blacklore Peninsula Background Part 1

I posted the map in this thread right here.

Most of the map names are taken from Elven Settlements near Blackmoor.

History in the Outer World
At some point in Blackmoor’s history, the conflict between Westryn and Cumasti elves of Blackmoor was resolved. This lead to the idea of regaining contact with other elven clans. The Elves remembered having once arrived on Skothar from the Southern Continent of Davania. The Blackmoor elves sent expeditions to the legendary realm of Grunland. At this point, the Blackmoor elves had already lost most of their original culture and been consumed by the technomantic culture of the Blackmoorians. This knowledge was now brought to the kingdom of Grunland (Evergrun?). It had a devastating effect on that culture. The southern elves were infatuated with this knew lore brought to them from Blackmoor and most completely abandoned their old ways adapting to the technologically advanced Blackmoor society. This would eventually lead Ilsundal into leading a group of elves away from Grunland in search of the Old Ways. As the Great Rain of Fire destroyed Blackmoor, Grunland was also destroyed. The elves who had adapted to the Technomantic ways of Blackmoor, both in that area and in Grunland were transported to the Blacklore Peninsula of the Hollow World.

History in the Hollow World
For the most part Blacklore elf history has been relatively uneventful in the centuries this civilization has spent in the Hollow World. The elves had been given a very comfortable situation by the Immortals. A race of living constructs known as Automatons, were created as a replacement for the original Blackmoor technology the elves had relied on. Having the Automatons and other devices to provide everything the elves would need, the Blacklore elves became lazy, vain, and decadent, concerned with ever-changing fashions and whims, becoming almost soulless. This was ironic, since a seed had been planted within this world that could lead to its destruction. It was Khoronus, the young Immortal Rafiel along with Ka who had created the Blacklore lands within the Hollow World. However, Thanatos also had a trick up his sleeve. He made sure the Automatons were given souls. The Blacklore elves could control the Automatons using special magical wands, but if the wands were broken, the Automatons were freed. A large number of escaped Automatons have formed the City of Steel in the southeastern part of the Peninsula. To prevent technology to other parts of the Hollow World, the Immortals made sure that none of the Blacklore devices function if they leave the peninsula. This is true for Automatons as well. However, of late the Automatons have caught the interest of Rafiel and, since his recent ascension to Immortality, Benekander. The two have been seeking subtle ways to allow the Automatons to escape the valley.

Although the Blacklore Elves know that Automatons have escaped, and that some even have killed Blacklore elves, they refuse to realize the consequences of this, or even talk about it. The area around the City of Steel is considered a forbidden region, where no one ever goes.



Aug 11, 2006 10:02:09
Blacklore Peninsula Background Part II: The City of Steel

Alyazeen and Dowak.
Alyazeen is a Blacklore elf, but somewhat more open minded than most of her race. In fact, she is so open minded that she has fallen in love with an Automaton named Dowak. Dowak has brought Alyazeen to the City of Steel. However, her family is looking for her, believing her to be kidnapped by the Automatons, and they hope that someone will be brave enough to venture into the city to rescue their daughter. Should adventurers make their way into the city and learn the truth of this strange relationship, it could create a greater understanding between the two peoples. Though such adventures should be prepared for the fact that getting the Blacklore elves to change their opinion on anything of actual importance is incredibly hard.

The Overmind
The Overmind is the ruler of the City of Steel. It is said that he was the fist Automaton to have escaped the Blacklore elves several centuries ago to found the City of Steel. The Overmind is a bitter and cruel creature, wishing no good to come upon the elves. He arranges occasional raids on Blacklore settlements, killing helpless elves in order to free more automatons and frighten the elves to stay away from the region. This could backlash on the Automatons, as it is one of the few things that could shake the elves out of their detached state of mind. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have helped much so far. The Overmind wishes to build an army of automatons so he can eventually destroy the valley, killing all the elves and freeing all the machines. However, there are those among the automatons who suspect that if the elves all die, the magic that allow them to function will fade. This is in fact true, and it was part of Thanatos’ elaborate plan to destroy the entire valley. It is unclear whether the Automatons who have been able to escape the Blacklore lands through the help of Benekander would be affected by this.



Aug 11, 2006 21:54:44
Nice map Havard! I'm not that up on Blacklore history - are the Automatons given stats in the HW books? If not, what do you envision them looking like? Would the warforged of Eberron work?


Aug 20, 2006 13:41:04
Nice map Havard! I'm not that up on Blacklore history - are the Automatons given stats in the HW books? If not, what do you envision them looking like? Would the warforged of Eberron work?

IIRC there are stats for the Automatons in the HW boxed set, not much of a description though. They could easily be similar to the typical Warforged, though it would be interesting if they were made out a little different. Perhaps metallic black (as in Blacklore, Blackmoor etc), with bright red eyes or something. I see them coming in all shapes though, depending on the tasks they were made for. But this is true for Warforged aswell, so you could easily use those stats if you want to.

I was thinking about making a template for Automatons, so we could have automaton cats, horses etc too though...