Ur Draxa



Aug 12, 2006 15:55:37
Hi! I've forgotten where it says what happened to Ur Draxa (Borys' city)! Did it really get completely destroyed with all its inhabitants? I wanted to run a campaign about the city after the catastrophe, but I wanted to have a look at the official story first. Has anybody else got any experience in running Ur Draxa before or after?

Lastard >8)


Aug 16, 2006 18:45:36
Hmh, as no one seems to know how much of the city is still standing or what has become of its surviving inhabiants, it looks like there's a project waiting for me... as usual I'm the only person interested in a pile of inaccessible rubble ;)

Lastard >8)

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Aug 16, 2006 19:02:26
Hiya Lastard,

hehe, no u are not the only one interested in useless piles of inaccessible rubble..

i love Kalidnay, and will do something with it, however, unfortunately i have all my stuff stashed away in holland, while i now live in the UK, so i dont have all my material with me.

so hereby i do ask for people to help me out in the fact that i'm looking for ppl to tag up with in the area of middlesbrough (near Newcastle), so i can update my knowledge and to get a darksun session running again (i do wanna play, not DM.)


Aug 16, 2006 19:54:19
I would say that his city is uninhabitable at the very least. Since it is at the focal point of the Cerulean Storm.


Aug 16, 2006 19:58:16
so thats where we have to go to kicks "King" Tithian's nuts? :lightbulb (hint)


Aug 16, 2006 21:04:31
Actually the only book that really talks about Ur Draxa after the pentad, is Rise and Fall of a Dragon King.... which is largely considered non-cannon as Abbey did not get any feedback from the RPG side, so there were massive inconsistencies.

But in that novel, the descendants of the humans of Ur Draxa, and likely the others, are still living there, in the dark and dreary swamp that is what is left of Ur Draxa.


Aug 17, 2006 0:16:01
Abbey mentionned to the fans that, failing to get an answer from the gaming department as to what happened to Ur-Draxa after the Cerulean Storm settled in, she fudged it by deciding not to show any details about the region per say. Hamanu sees the proud draxan warriors turned into dredge farmers harvesting the underwater plants growing in the warm waters they wade through knee deep, but himself sees nothing of the terrain per say from all of the steam.

Most areas must be overwhelmed by steam...but the very tall city walls must be helping keeping the steam out, although rain will have ravaged everything within.

Are draxans still warriors, or has necessity turned them into survivalists? Borys is gone, his templars powerless, and the city was breached by Sadira and her band, plus shadow giants, mayhem ensued...

The Iron Citadel...rusted?


Aug 17, 2006 0:43:58
It seems as if the walls and the vast majority of other structures were destroyed, along with most of the inhabitants.

I do not think it unreasonable to asume that there are good ammount of survivors.

I doubt significant quantities of steam would make it to the interor of Ur Draxa, it's quite a ways from the lava. However, I don't think there is much of a wall left.

There were exiled Draxans and escaped slaves living in the harsh area around Ur Drax long before the events of the PP. Now nearly all Draxans would be in a similar possition (though the climate is now far wetter.


Aug 17, 2006 6:27:08
Hmh, as Ur Draxa was mainly dependent on slave labour and those slaves were heavily oppressed, I wonder how that would be after the catastrophe. Did they turn against the nobles? Did they abandon them to a life that was once their own fate (having to grow and harvest stuff)? Did people seek refuge in other city states or attempt to settle in an abandoned city (Kalidnay or Guistenal, ha ha)? Would anyone even take them in - or would Ur Draxans be too proud to ask? There were a few interesting and powerful characters among the clans in Ur Draxa (mostly defilers tough - see, druids wouldn't have such a bad problem at surviving ;D)- maybe they did something to help themselves or parts of their people? MAybe there is also a 'war' (out of competition for resources) between the Ur Draxans and the, what were they called? Ka'ardani (tribal people in that region)? And how is all of this affected by the Cerulean storm? Maybe they are working on taming or getting rid of it?

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PS: Burningspear, I'm in the same situation: too, have most of my books abroad still, but each time I go to see my family I bring some more back with me. Fortunately, I can borrow Wintergreen's stuff & there are also the pdf's, although reading from a computerscreen is very tiring! What are your ideas for Kalidnay? Good luck with finding people up North. I used to live near Leeds!


Aug 17, 2006 13:30:52
thanks Lastard,

u can drop by anytime i want to visit this area :D

anyway, i am trying to firstly find anything i can on the posts about Kalidnay, but with out a proper search engine its going to be a hard job

but ill do my best, i already have a basic idea of an athasian Goua'Uld.. but thats comming up in the post of its own.(but Kalidnay will be involved), u get the picture..