dm questions/situation



Aug 13, 2006 18:37:03
It has been about three years since i last ran a game and that was at a con. need practical advice on running darksun for the first time. what hazzards in dming to avoid, monster cr's being right etc.




Aug 14, 2006 14:27:11
You didn't state the starting level so I have to assume 1st through 3rd.

The early levels are easy for the DM to control. I recommend not allowing all feats, skills, spells, etc. into your game.

Even though my campaign has 13th-16 level PCs I still only allow the Player's Guide and Dark Sun rulebook options. This makes MY job a lot easier.

Dark Sun is far more dangerous than other settings so your players need to feel the danger, not just from the monsters and NPCs, but also from the heat. It is very easy to kill off a whole party of low level people with just the weather, so I recommend for the first level or two, put them in a small village with some adventuring opportunities nearby.

Once they have solved that village's issues, and gained some experience, have them catch a caravan to the big city of your choice and let them have it!

As far as CRs are concerned, keep them low initially so the group can learn to work together to defeat foes. I like low CRs for a light challenge at first. After I figure they are ready (read cocky), I sick something on them they had better run from, i.e. Fire Drake. :D

You can't go wrong with Gith.


Aug 15, 2006 11:30:50
The best advice I can think of is: Know thy players. Are your players hack-and-slashers, or do they prefer a lot of roleplaying, or a combination of the two? What kind of characters do they like to play? Design your adventures around your players’ preferences and give them a voice in the way the campaign develops.