Gamma World Sports



Aug 15, 2006 15:22:34
Since Gamma Terra has such an wide variety of sentient beings and strange creatures that combine into even stranger societies, my gaming group has speculated about the sorts of sports and games that might be played.

Of course, we prescribe to the original "Wild and Wahoo" setting so I'm warning you this might get a little weird and wacky.

So far our first sport is one rediscovered by the Skyzorn (Sentient ants) who have re-created a sort of royal parlamentary government similar to 19th century colonial England. Having deciphered several ancient texts they've been able to classify a recovered wooden club as a "Cricket Bat." Now, it didn't take much understanding of Standard to also realize this is the word that designates those chirping field insects. Too bad in the future of Gamma World many of these "Crickets" have grown to about the size of an automobile. So the Skyzorn have made a sport out of beating one these beasts with bats in an arena. Every team has a squad dedicated to beating the other team's crickets, and a team to also breed the crickets for their opponents to beat. Since these crickets do not have a stable genome yet, selective breeding creates a wide variety of mutations and powers to keep the sport interesting. Some powers, such as death feild generation and adaptation, are considered unsporting. We're not clear yet if the two teams take turns fighting each others crickets or if they just fight simultaniously and try to beat their cricket first.