Thursday Nite Greyhawk Chat on (8/17 8pm EST till ???)



Aug 17, 2006 14:04:59
From moldy tomes of antiquity and aged scrolls of lore come the gleaning of wisdom from the gathered Greysages and your Host Gary Holian as another nite of Greyhawk and the elusive topic come too the fore! Join us for a nite of Greyhawk topics and conversation as we explore the Flanaess with a few of these topics:

1. Nyrond

2. Knighthoods of Greyhawk

3. Castle Greyhawk

As usual, the chat takes place on the irc server, and there
are two basic options for those wishing to come by:

Point your irc client to:
Port: 6667
Channel: #greytalk

Irc clients are advanced chat programs, such as mirc, pirch, trillian,
etc. Visit if you don't have an
irc client and would like to download one for free.

If you don't have an irc client, and have
joined forces to make the chats accessible to you! Visit to use the handy Java

So don't be shy! Show up talk some 'Hawk!