Substitute Fonts



Aug 17, 2006 15:31:36
I was wondering, if anyone knows of any free fonts, which are similar enough to the originals to be used as a decent substitute without too much eyestrain? Like the one Havard used on his Blacklore map as a substiture for Feinen/Baldur, for example...

I don't have the money to spend on fonts, but would like to use something as close to the original as possible for my project...

Also, I would like suggestions as to which fonts (or substitutes) to use--for chapter titles, headers, and body text. Also for "cover" text, Thorf has graciously offered to create title graphics made with the "Real Thing" (Baldur), but what of the other text on the cover?

For headers & titles, I particularly like Feinen (duh!), Shadow Antiqua/Romic from Thunder Rift, Libra BT from B11 & 12, and De Vinne Ornamental (Gaz logo).
For text, I like Korinna from B10, Optima from PC series and PWA's.

Non-Mystaran fonts that I also like are Tahoma, and Trebuchet MS (bundled with MS Office XP), as well as Copperplate Gothic Light for headers.

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts,


Aug 17, 2006 18:47:29
Also, Shawn, What is the font used in the Vaults banner?



Aug 17, 2006 20:02:02
I didn't make the logo so I don't know I'm afraid. Hmmm ... who did make it again ...


Aug 18, 2006 6:34:33
My advice: buy Baldur from - it only costs $12 or so. The other solution is to use Solemnity, which is free, but does differ from Feinen and Baldur quite a bit. The way I see it, using Solemnity is really a style choice rather than a price thing, since Baldur is just so cheap and easily available.

Either way, that should give you something nice and nostalgic for headers and titles without breaking the bank.

For other text on the cover, I would suggest Korinna, which is actually quite widely available as a font included with word processors - check your old disks and CDs for fonts, you may be surprised. Failing that, Benguiat is also very nice (and similar to Korinna in many ways), and even more easily available.

Romic, Libra, De Vinne, and so on, are all very nice but not quite so easy to get hold of. But to be quite honest Baldur is really enough by itself, if you ask me.

As for body text, Tahoma and Trebuchet MS are all very nice, but they are very much screen fonts, and I wouldn't advise using them for large bodies of text, especially on something that is intended for printing. The text font is an important choice, but you needn't stress about it: Times New Roman is fine, or you could go for Garamond, Palatino, or Baskerville if you want to go for a classical feel without the over-familiarity of Times. All of these are pretty widely available, and I'd be surprised if your computer doesn't already have 2 or 3 of these (or a variation) installed. On the other hand if you want to go for sans serif, Arial is serviceable, though I'm not a fan myself, and Lucida I think usually comes with Windows. Optima or Zapf Humanist are also good, though again it depends whether you want serifs or not.

Lastly, I agree about Copperplate, it is a very nice font for titling too. I don't think it was ever used with any Mystara products (though I might well have overlooked it), but if you want to use it I don't see why that should stop you.

Of course, all this is just my opinion.


Aug 18, 2006 8:24:59
I've found that Verdana is nice for large bodies of text and IIRC comes installed with Windows. It looks similiar to Arial. I'm using it for my next version of WnW rules.