What text style would you prefer in a PPP Bottle City book?



Aug 19, 2006 21:46:36
I'm working with Rob Kuntz on preparing the once-Greyhawk-Castle "Bottle City" level for publication, and need your input. Which text format/style would you prefer in a Bottle City publication from Pied Piper Publishing?

For context, the printed book format we're considering for this project is a facing-page transcription. That is, on the right page would be a high-quality reproduction of the original Bottle City manuscript page, while facing it on left page would be a typed transcription of the same page. Maps would be handled similarly (updated single-page "playing" map on the left, reproduction of the original map on the right; actual-sized poster-sized maps are also being investigated as print options, too).

For reference, the original Bottle City auction image is preserved in Paul Stormberg's eBay "About Me" page at http://cgi3.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=the_collectors_trove

What I need to determine from this poll is how exactly interested you are in reproducing the exact text from the manuscript pages. I can transcribe them as-is, or clean them up quite a bit.

To facilitate your voting, I have posted a .pdf on my web site with a sample encounter from the Bottle City level: one in the format of how I would I render an exact transcription, one that I consider an partially cleaned-up transcription that tries to hold the middle ground between a full edit and the exact original, and an exact/original transcription. I've also provided the original manuscript encounter for comparison, as well as a section from the map for reference (I don't provide a cleaned-up, nicely redrawn map since I don't have one yet :D ). The file is at http://www.greyhawkonline.com/grodog/temp/bottle_city-transcription-formats-poll.pdf

If you are interested in the text format for this project, please cast your vote at http://www.acaeum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4423

Your thoughtful comments and feedback are very appreciated! Thanks :D