Lost Domains



Aug 20, 2006 11:40:33
I'm currently working on piecing everything together but how many domains were lost when the setting went 3rd edition? I would like a list if possible, and help in determining which domains should still exact and which ones actually would be gone. Pocket domains should be included. Also, please note that I'm included Vecna's domain as destroyed as Kas is now some nearly god-like being stuck inbetween realities (it was in an issue of Dragon on pact magic). This is mostly in the interest of seeing if any of these domains will be brought back in WotC Ravenloft 3.5, so any help will be appreciated as I only have slightly more than bits and pieces of 2nd edition Ravenloft knowledge.


Aug 20, 2006 17:39:17
Fraternity of Shadows website FAQ, What Changed during the Grand Conjunction can be found here and answers most of your questions. Look at Section II, question 2.


Aug 20, 2006 17:44:44
There is also the little problem of domains which, apparently, once existed but were "lost" even before the original (read: pre-3e) RL setting was published.

For instance, Bileplate, Moridana, or Theka (Neither Man Nor Beast, p.47)


Aug 20, 2006 20:22:35
The only domains that were explicitly destroyed in the shift to 3E were those of the Burning Peaks (Kas and Vecna's domains), and even then that was really just confirming the logical outcome of Die Vecna Die.


Aug 21, 2006 3:26:08
John, GH fans have been wondering ever since if Kas was "released" (whether in RL or back to his original setting) by that event. Can you confirm it?


Aug 21, 2006 6:20:01
According to current core D&D (see "Pact Magic" in Tome of Magic), Kas is so very, very dead that nothing remains of him but a vestige. That pretty well meshes with my thoughts at the time I was working on RL, namely that Kas A) was likely destroyed along with Tovag, B) assuming the real Kas was ever in Tovag.

That's as close as I can come to 'confirming' anything to do with Greyhawk -- that's a completely separate product line I never had anything to do with.


Aug 21, 2006 6:26:49
Thanks John, that will have to do