"Who is Sylvia? And What is She?"



Aug 25, 2006 10:59:26
The recent discussion on the threshold map reminded me of a standing question that I have.

Does anyone have a synopsis of the "Abduction of Princess Sylvia?" Not a room by room breakdown, but: who's involved, what are the major critters of the adventure, any region location descriptions - that sort of thing.

Given that poor Sylvia is a princess without a kingdom, I was planning on bringing her tale into the north. Not Ghyr but a neighboring kingdom.


PS: Attaboys to whoever gets the thread title :D


Aug 25, 2006 13:51:34
On this subject, I was wondering about how feasible would it be to modify the adventure so that it fit in Karameikos? What features would need to be renamed, reshaped, or correlated? For example, "Princess Sylvia" could be changed to "Lady Adriana" (is she, in any official source, referred to as a "princess" prior to Stephan's kingship?), any mention of a the king's castle would correlate to Duke Karameikos' castle, and so on. Are there any overland maps in the module, and can they be molded to fit into Karameikos (it's hard to imagine them being more incongruent than the B8 Tuma area ;) )? This sort of modification was officially done for other Basic modules when they were included in B1-9 (e.g. the Keep on the Borderlands correlated with Castellan Keep). If I recall correctly, there was an explicit statement in that book explaining why the Princess Sylvia adventure was left out - like it didn't fit well with the other adventures (or something like that). That doesn't mean it couldn't be done.



Aug 26, 2006 7:03:46
Here are some informations about this short adventure featured in B9:

Princess Sylvia is the daughter of tha good king of the kingdom from where the PCs came. She is to be married with the prince of the neighboring kingdom, Prince Frederick. The prime minister of Prince Frederick's kingdom opposes the marriage becouse it would wrest from him much political power; so he hires the evil wizard Oliver of the Horn to arrange the kindnapping of the Princess. Oliver sends his band of goblins to kindnap Sylvia: to the PCs the duty to free her.

The adventure features a rather simple dungeon (the "fortress" of Oliver), filled with goblins and little else.

The interesting thing is that even the setting of "The Great Escape" (another adventure of B9) seems to be the same of the abovementioned adventure, with the difference that "The Great Escape" has been set in Karameikos in B1-9, while "The Abduction of Princess Sylvia" has not. Perhaps it could be set before the marriage between Devon Hyraksos (= Prince Frederick) and Adriana Karameikos (= Princess Sylvia), and the kindnapping could have been arranged by the usual Black Eagle. ;)


Aug 26, 2006 15:55:05
Thanks for the synopsis Zendrolion! The correlation of Frederick and Hyraksos is fitting. Does the "the Horn" of Oliver refer to an item (like a bull's horn), or to a geographic location (a cape/headland)? If it refers to a cape, then Oliver's fortress could be located on the tip of a cape along Karameikos' southwestern shore, somewhat near the Great Escape locale. Possible locales for "the Horn" could be the peninsula west of the Sulescu peninsula (if it'd be better for Oliver's fortress to be outside the Black Eagle Barony), or one of the minor humps further west along the Black Eagle Barony's shore (if it'd be more fitting for it to be within the Barony). (reference link: map of Karameikos)



Aug 28, 2006 3:56:30
How about: Yes both, please

The scenario can be used with Adriana and Hyraksos etc as suggested by Shane, but at the same time Sylvia, Fredrick etc could be used as NPCs in another realm as OldDawg suggests?



Aug 28, 2006 15:47:39
Thank you very much, Zendrolion.

Were the kings, kingdoms or the Prime Minister ever named?

I agree with Havard - the scenario could be adapted for use in Karameikos (or anywhere else) - but Sylvia herself deserves a home of her own.



Aug 28, 2006 16:30:35
Were the kings, kingdoms or the Prime Minister ever named?

No, and it's a pity.
Frederick seems to be a northern name. IMC in AC1000 I have a buch of Heldanner lords still indipendent from the Knights, and located north of the Altenwald (the hill country NW of Altendorf); they're supported by the Alphatian kingdom of Norwold in an effort to weaken the Knights' rule over the Heldannic Territories, and they see both Fredrick Halvardson (still in hiding in the Territories, however) and Geoffrey of Grunturm as their heroes and leaders.
I thought these two "kingdoms" of Prince Frederick and Princess Sylvia could be two of those Heldanner fiefdoms.

OTOH, I'm very curious about your suggestions regarding the "northern" location of the adventure, OldDawig!


Aug 28, 2006 17:07:17
From the synopsis here, it seems like it could easily be placed in the Northern Reaches. Princess Sylvia could be the daughter or (or one of the daughters of) King Harald of Vestland, and she could be being married off to one of King Hord Darkeyes' "children" (the sons and daughters of the clanheads that he holds as hostages). The "prime minister" could be either just that (a prime minister- Hord's or one of the clanheads), one of the clanheads whose child Sylvia is marrying, or perhaps even high priest Asgrim the Bowed.


Aug 29, 2006 3:16:36
Frederick sounds more German (ie Hattian) than norse to me, though if so it might even be changed to Friedrich. That would still allow for a Heldanner fiefdom, or perhaps a Thyatian colony in Norwold?