Non-epic Metamorphosis options?



Aug 27, 2006 13:23:23
Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone has worked out any versions of the dragon/avangion/elemental metamoprhosis?

I'm not a fan of the Epic rules and was just curious if anyone else had worked anything else out.



Aug 27, 2006 21:12:06
not sure what you mean by this.... if you mean you are not happy with the rules from then yes there are tons of verisons out there (heck I have done 3 or 4 versions of each myself.)

If you mean a version that is done before a character is pre epic (pre level 21) then I seriously doubt it as that would go against everything in the fluff and history of dark sun.

I have however created transformational classes that would do something similiar for other worlds... but they are nothing compaired ot the might of the dragons from Athas.


Aug 28, 2006 19:24:58
Sorry, allow me to clarify,

I am not a fan of the rules from the Epic Level Handbook (not liking the epic rules in general I have no specific opinion on the rules)

I have no preference for pre-21 rules or not, just rules that don't make use of the epic level handbook stuff. So post-21 rules would need to include there own form of advancement (like the old 2nd edition rules iirc) and pre-21 rules would likely need to be soem sort of prestige class transformation ala the Elemental Savant I suppose.



Aug 28, 2006 19:43:08
So you are asking if someone has totally rewritten the epic level rules entirely.....

Yes I have actually done that before, in a D20 modern conversion of the Dark Sun system. I actually do not release that information any more due to the fact that my playtesters that I sent the earlier rules to never gave me the feedback I requested, which frankly annoyed me considering the amount of work that I put into it.

To totally rewrite the entire system like I did took months of work.... and most people are not willing to put that much effort into something that they would be strictly just for their own use.