A little help would be nice!!!!!



Aug 29, 2006 12:43:44
I need some background story for my plot. The plot is. The Kender in my group. "borrows" a amulet from noble man. The amulet is a timemachine. the plot is that the group of heros jump from time to time. The amulet only works tree times. I need a little background story from age of dreams , age of might and oh the time age despair. Try to make it in headlines. I need a big battle between good and evil. (a old time hack and slash) This is the first time I run a campaign in dragonlance. and i had only read Chronicles , legends , and the books kindred and wanderlust


Aug 29, 2006 17:52:14
i suggest getting the dragonlance core rulebook. it has an extensive timeline of all those ages.


Aug 29, 2006 19:28:19
The sourcebook Legends of the Twins is specifically designed to assist gaming in other eras, in alternate timelines, and using time travel in Dragonlance.


Aug 30, 2006 11:34:11

did you read the books of " The War of Souls", that is a time line story whit also a timemachine. also a kender have that machine and because he just it for his on fun >>> he change the hole world of Krynn. And so the evil queen Takhisis could steal the hole world from the outher gods and er is a big war against the army's of the one GOD (Takhisis) and the free people and the dragons. Yes also the Dragons attack the army's of this one GOD. But you don't have to follow the story.
If you wont to know more about the story of outher this, just ask me ;)


Aug 31, 2006 15:02:08
no i have read that book