Dragonlance Rolplay a little help, pleas



Aug 30, 2006 14:51:29
My friends and me wont to start a rolplay about Dragonlance but we do not know where to begin, we don't even know of there a duneonsmaster guide for Dragonlance is. Pleas give me and my friends some info.
already a lot of thanks


Sep 25, 2006 12:28:26
All you need are the Dragonlance Core Book. There is no DMG. I personally prefere the old Dragonlance, so I would say to look into War of the Lance Setting, and the upcomming adventure series. I was not all that impressed with Holy Order of the Stars, and I have yet to see Knightly Orders, but I loved the work that was done in Towers of High Sorcery. However, if you are not planning on having a WIZARD in the part, then the book is not needed ata ll.