The World of Athas



Aug 31, 2006 14:29:57
I was wondering if, after hammering out the more important, rules-stuff things in Dark Sun, such as magic and Advanced Creatures, if the people here were thinking of making a book/pdf that helps the newer people to the system get a feel for the world of Athas; things like details of the Cerulean Storm, the Black, the Gray, the Great Silt Sea, the Last Sea, the city-states, and such? I'm hoping you do, cause it will help me describe the world to players, if I ever tackle Athas as a campaign-world for them. Anyone have any ideas on this, or heck, know a more recent version of it that already exists?


Aug 31, 2006 15:08:29
Get ahold of the original Dark Sun materials (2e); you can get them online in PDF format from somewhere (can't remember from whom...Piazo?) pretty cheap. You'll want the original boxed set Wanderer's Journal as well as the revised setting Wanderer's Chronicle to get the "best of both worlds" description-wise.


Aug 31, 2006 17:19:49 has every Dark Sun product you would need, and then some. At 5 bucks a pop, I'd suggest buying everything you can get your hands on.