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Aug 31, 2006 18:51:56
Hello all.

New member to the boards saying hi...


Long time DS player, just stumbled across the site. Looks cool. Maybe stick around for a while.

Anywhere I can get a decent cup of broy around here?


Aug 31, 2006 19:39:28
Hi RedKank, and welcome to the boards!

On what site did you say you stumbled upon? This site - instead commonly called a forum - or the site? If you haven't visited the latter I enjoyn you to do so as its full of goodies! Also look at the Dark Sun Forum Archive stickied on this forum, its full of fan-made material for all tastes.



Sep 01, 2006 7:19:24
Welcome, Red Kank!


Sep 01, 2006 7:25:17
Hello and welcome "aboard" hehehe

Like Pennarin said - the Forum Archive is a great place for some top-shelf material - or yo could save yourself the trouble and just look in my signature to the greatest, awesome-est, and best material on the WEB!!! :D


Sep 01, 2006 11:14:28
Mmmm, pimping is always good ;)

I'll be sure to check out the archive, too.

I stumbled across this site, so forum I suppose. I had also run across the Burnt World of Athas a couple of weeks ago. Some nice stuff there. Looks like quite a busy little crew.

Thanks for the welcome - I'll be loitering in the general area...


Sep 01, 2006 11:50:12
Mmmm, pimping is always good ;)

Well - the big pimp of this message board is Grummore - a great guy who will (I think) be along to flash his wares soon!

But hey...I gotta get my material play-tested and who better to look at it then someone with a fresh perspective!

Glad to have some fresh meat...I mean new members:evillaugh


Sep 01, 2006 14:29:23
Welcome to the pens!


Sep 01, 2006 23:04:01
Welcome to the best boards that I have been to. The people who post here tend to be the politest people I have ran into on a forum. Glad to have another head to throw ideas at.


Sep 01, 2006 23:56:25
The people who post here tend to be the politest people I have ran into on a forum.

I've been known to bark here and there, and I've been misunderstood with some poorly indicated jokes, and the same is true of many others, but its also true that here there is no biting of any sort.

As a comparaison, after I'd opened a few thread over at rec.arts.sf.written (say, after a few weeks of reading and posting there) I made a comment about the army and a regular went bunker over it, decided to call me a kook. (Those that know what a kook is can't possibly call me that or come up with a reason someone could mistake me for one). No amount of excuses could make him stop, until I noticed after a search of his earlier posts that he's made of liquid nitro: he explodes at the slightest thing, and at everyone.
Plus, those places are full of actual, genuine all-american kooks with aliens in their back pockets and infaillible ways to "save your soul" if you'd only go visit their website...

Not here. :D
Welcome again, RedKank, to this comparatively heavenly forum!


Sep 02, 2006 4:44:34
Pennarin, you ARE a kook. :P


Sep 02, 2006 7:18:23
Nah, he's just kooky. Which is much better, because of it's ability to charm you.


Sep 02, 2006 21:03:56
Yes...I am !

Mmmm, meeeee..... /rrrllllll


Sep 04, 2006 15:46:52
He´s corny.


Sep 04, 2006 21:09:16
That too.