Elemental Cleric's energy affinity



Sep 02, 2006 12:10:40
Hey all,

The Rain Cleric/Elementalist player in my current DS game and I were discussing his energy affinity (electricity) and he was noting how he actually had many more spells available with the cold descriptor (due to domain choice as well as just the cleric list in general) and he was curious about altering his energy descriptor in one of four ways:

1. Changing his affinity to cold.
-----not much issue with this one other then it being not 'RAW' and not really fitting with his 'storm cleric' concept.

2. Allowing both cold and electricity as favoured energy types, netting him his energy bonus on both types and allowing him to choose which energy type to use on Elemental X spells.
-----I thought this might be fair at the cost of a feat (he's nearing 9th level anyway)

3. Have his energy type spells be both cold and electricity (so half cold, half electricity damage from an elemental strike for example) and applying the bonus affinity to those spells (in this case we would likely also want to change some of his cold spells to be half and half as well)
-----I'm not sure what sort of cost should be associated with this as its clearly not as good as #2 as it does not have the same flexibility of use.

4. A slightly different option would be to allow him access to more electricity descriptor spells from wizard list, perhaps at a higher or lower spell level (e.g. shocking grasp as a second level cleric spell).
-----The balance issues behind this are trickier to judge.

What do people think of these options?