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Sep 08, 2006 4:47:39

I need a little bit of help ... as you may know, I'm running a GURPS Mystara campaign for my gaming group here in the UK. One of my players has a female warrior with Precognition and Phantom Voices, which she decided operates as if she hears the voice of a patron Immortal.

Combined with the Mystaran equivalent of Magic Mushrooms, she received a full blown vision which has led her and her companions to Stallenford in time to help rescue Aralic.

Anyway, her most recent "experience", which was voice-only, saw her overhearing a conversation between one Solan and his mistress. References were made to "three hidden away, three in the world" and "when six make one, the binding shall come undone".

Although they don't know this yet, it refers to six uber-magical weapons known as the "Infernal Devices". (Anyone who's read Simon Green's Hawk & Fisher books will know them). Unfortunately I can't remember their names and my google-fu is weak today but I need to come up with a prophecy that names and details the swords ala Song of Swords and includes the lines given above to detail that letting the six Infernal Devices fall into the hands of the Bad Guys would not be in the best interests of the World.


Sep 13, 2006 8:43:08
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Anyways, here's what I know about the Infernal Devices. They're all oversized longswords, powerfully magical and arguably impossible to destroy, and each with its own power. Rockbreaker can cut through any armor, and shatters earth and stone when used to strike; Flarebright glows with a crimson flame, exploding on contact with the enemy; Wolfsbane corrupts and rots the flesh of anything it strikes. If there are other Infernal Devices, I don't have names or descriptions of them.


Sep 13, 2006 19:55:08
To add to Eldersphinx' post:

There are six infernal devices, created by the Transient Being known as the Engineer from the bones of saints. 7 foot tall longswords, encased in silver scabbards, 6 inches wide at the crosspiece, foot long hilts wrapped in dark leather. They are sentient and utterly evil. Their names are Wolfsbane, Soulripper, Blackhowl, Belladonna's Kiss, Rockbreaker, and Flarebright.

It is said that whatever "soul" might be in them is something the Engineer brought with him from the Reverie. "A little bit of the dark world, free in the world of men."

In addition to the other descriptions of the 3 ID's Eldersphinx describes, Flarebright is said to require the blood of those it slays to fuel its flames (which makes it sound an awful lot like a red steel artifact I created a long, long time ago. I guess blood drinking flaming blades aren't really all that unique).

Rockbreaker has a golden sheen to it, and its earth-shattering can act like an earthquake spell, though the rifts it causes only remain as long as the sword penetrates the ground, closing up afterwards.

Wolfsbane glows with an unhealthy, yellowish light. It causes the decay of anything it kills.

The other three are not used or described beyond what is said above. After their experiences with the first three, Hawk and Fisher decided not to touch the other IDs.

As for abilities of the other swords? Based on their name's, I'd say that Soulripper is essentially Elric's Stormbringer (sucking in the souls of the creatures it kills), Belladonna's Kiss probably poisons them, and Blackhowl- well, I don't know, but it almost sounds like Mournblade in name, but two soul-suckers aren't terribly interesting, and not likely what Green would have done with them. So I'm not sure about that one.


Sep 13, 2006 22:14:50
Blackhowl sounds suspiciously like Black Hole. Perhaps it's a sword-shaped Sphere of Anihilation? :evillaugh


Sep 23, 2006 17:16:28
Thanks for all the info, guys ... You've really helped in fleshing things out. Now to come up with a prophecy/poem ... any takers?