Athasian Real Estate?



Sep 09, 2006 18:14:19
I'm wondering where I could find suggestions on prices for real estate in the Free City of Tyr (by that I mean either opinions, references to books/articles, or just examples from your campaigns). I have a player in my upcoming Dark Sun game who wants to build a rather involved crodlu/kank/mekillot breeding/stabling business and is wondering how much he has to pay to set it up. I guess as an afterthought I'd also be curious to be directed to average pay charts for Athasian workers... ever since Kalak's death we've had to pay them hehehe...


Sep 10, 2006 3:35:40
I would use the building prices in the DMG for basic guidelines, of course converted from GP to Cp.


Sep 10, 2006 11:01:52
IMO, land is almost never for sale in Tyr. The nobles and trading houses own most of it and won't give it up without a fight. They are willing to rent space, though. The price varies depending on which district you want to rent in. The one place land is readily available is the Warrens, but it still isn't for sale. If you can take a building from the gang that holds it, you can have it.


Sep 16, 2006 0:14:55
The end of slavery has caused some instability. IIRC in CSoT there was some talk of freemen getting some land or something like that.

In many societies like that, you'll have very long leases. 99 year leases were common -- in Athas I'd of course suggest 77 year leases. From there, people sublease land to tenants that can't afford to lease at that big a chunk at a time.

Noble needs quick cash. Leases big chunk of property for 99 years for a huge sum of money.

Middleman leases property from Noble, and then subleases to peasants by the week or month.

Anyway, it gets less interesting from there, but that's probably enough to do get some ideas without getting a big property law headache.


Sep 16, 2006 0:18:37
those sweet 77 year leases won't come up just any day, either. It's like a fire sale. Noble needs something quickly -- his crop fails, or his seed rots in the silo, and he needs a whole batch of new seed or new equipment or he's going to bleed money. You can't just go on the market and get that kind of a long lease. You need to know the right people and have cash on hand when the opportunity comes up.

OTOH, if you want to lease by the week/month/year, you can probably find something whenever. Offer enough, and some poor sap's family gets tossed out of his place to make room for you.


Sep 16, 2006 5:05:41
Hire a mind-bender, and a lot of luck ^^, force a noble to sell you his land, he dies in an accident after that, anyway ;). This is the Athasian way :D .


Sep 16, 2006 14:23:18
That's why nobles have mindguards as well as bodyguards, and it's probably why Agis got schooled in the Way.

One threat in Athas might be that if you let people know that you want to buy land, you might run into a group of illusionists that sell you what looks like green pastures with a stone mansion, but what turns out to be a broken down shack in sandy wastes.

I think the term for these guys is "fake estate agents."