Help me



Sep 10, 2006 20:32:29
I have some players who are new to Ravenloft (and tho I have a lot of the material for Ravenloft and have played there myself; this will be my first time as dm for a Ravenloft game. I need some help.

The players are using these character types:

1. Elf ranger
2. Human cleric (player not sure of what religion to use)
3. Human Wizard
4. Dwarven Rogue (sort of detective type; not the criminal type)

My question is this: Since there are two demi-humans in the party do I need to start the campaign in Darkon? or is there a good way to begin the campaign in Mordent?


Sep 10, 2006 22:17:21
If you'd rather start the campaign in Mordent, it's doable, but you'll need an explanation for what these two demihuman PCs are doing in a strongly human-dominated domain. One idea you might suggest is that Darkon recently suffered through the "Shrouded Years", a period of civil unrest and chaos. It makes sense that some Darkonians from the worst-hit areas would have fled their homeland for other parts of the Core, to escape from terrible memories of violence if not for their own safety.

So perhaps the elf and dwarf PCs emigrated to Mordent not many years ago, to get their families to safety or leave behind the shadows of past tragedy. At least, that's something you could suggest for the players to consider.


Sep 11, 2006 3:20:31
If the dwarven rogue truly intends to be a detective, then it would make sense for him to come to Mordent to study with the best of them: the elven detective Alanik Ray. The elf ranger could have come along (hi cousin!) or he could come from Sithicus.


Sep 11, 2006 10:11:51
There's another Dwarven connection in Mordentshire, too. Geddar Ironheart, dwarven companion to Dr. Van Richten once ran an Inn in Mordenshire (although he was originally from Corvia in Darkon.) Geddar officially died around 730, but you can change that if you like. Or start your campaign before that year if you want him alive. Or maybe Geddar is already dead, and your Dwarven Rogue inherited his "uncle" Geddar's Inn (and if you want, his connection to Dr. Van Richten as well.)

There's at least one Elf with a connection to Dr. Van Richten also. Jameld of Hroth, from Sithicus. Your Elf PC could be related to him, if you want to go the Van Richten route.


Sep 12, 2006 17:20:56
I have ran several Ravenloft campaigns before, and I can tell you that as long as the character has a background story, being from a different domain from the one that we were starting in was never a problem. With domains usually being easy to enter, if one domain borders another, it's more than possible that immigrants would come into the domain. Also, the maps and populations of domains are just what is canon. It's your campaign, so if you want to add a small village of demihumans in an otherwise human-dominate domain, then there are plenty of possibilties for it. After all, how often does everyone stay in one place?


Sep 16, 2006 15:03:12
There's no reason they can't be from Mordent. Small communities of elves can live in any wooded region, even the forests of Mordent. And dwarves are hardly social ceatures and a couple (small family) might easily move to a town where they hope to make a better life (corner the market).

How they're viewed might be odd. You should consider if you want people to view the demihumans with fear or pity or curiosity. Depending on how much magic you want to use and the feel of your campaign you can do it a couple different ways.
The community might view them as deformed humans (that poor midget blacksmith...) or as magical freaks (that soul-stealing faerie elfling!) dependant on your wishes.

Some folk might believe in dwarves and the like while some might not.