Towers of High Sorcery...GONE?!?



Sep 11, 2006 22:06:12
I am speaking of the source book published about a year or more it already out of print?!? I mean, I found a used one on Amazon for like $230 and another on ebay for another ridiculous price, $176 (of course compared to the amazon book I suppose this is a bargain eh?) but I was really hoping to get ahold of this. Any ideas??
You'd think if Dragonlance source books were THAT high in demand to warrant prices like that, that WoTC and/or Soverign Press would take notice and accomplish a bit more than whats been forth coming for the DL setting.
And another thing...with the soon to be released Knightly Orders of Ansalon (I think thats what it is called) what books ARE in production? Or what other books are due out? Rumored?


Sep 11, 2006 22:26:20
You can get PDF version of Towers of High Sorcery here:

You might also want to contact SovPress directly, if you're lucky they might have a few hard copies left in the warehouse.

Knightly Orders has been released, and should be available from your local game store, directly from Sovereign Press, or through a retailer like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Also newly available is Dragons of Autumn, an adaptation of the four original Dragonlance modules for edition 3.5. Price of Courage is due out sometime in the next couple of months. They're planning on a revised Bestiary of Krynn soon, too.

As for what else is available, I'm not sure what they still have in the warehouse. I know they had copies of Holy Orders of the Stars, Legends of the Twins, Age of Mortals, and a few War of Lance copies at Gencon. I think copies of Key of Destiny and Spectre of Sorrows are atill available.


Sep 12, 2006 14:36:52
They also had Towers of High Sorcery at gen-con, as well as copies of the Bestiary, though I do not think it was the revised one. If you're lucky they still might have some!


Sep 16, 2006 23:36:50
They've been pretty much gone for a while but every now and then a new stack pops up. I got mine less than 2 months ago from Piazo but now they're backordered.


Sep 22, 2006 3:49:49
Are you sure? I just checked and you can order them through the online store. I may be mistaken, but I thought they marked them as "out of stock" when they....well, run out of stock.