The Crimson Shrine!??!?!



Sep 25, 2006 19:12:40
I can't seem to find a good description of what lies inside of this. In CSoT, there's only an excerpt from some novel and an ultra-brief description. Veiled Alliance also contains some info, but that's rather incomplete as well, listing it as just a place where new members are tested by the 'Crimson Knights'... again... nothing of use. So I'm wondering where I can get my hands on a good explanation/description of this.

Thanks in advance.


Sep 25, 2006 20:18:18
The Crimson Shrine, a temple of the ancients located in Under Tyr, is home to a host of extremely dedicated wraiths. Called the Crimson Knights, they inhabit full suits of steel armor and wield tall halberds.

It is said that the pure of heart have nothing to fear from the Crimson Knights, but all others are actively barred from entering their temple. Thousands of candles flicker within the darkness of the temple, kept burning by the faith of the wraiths.

Page 124, under Athasian Wraith.


Sep 25, 2006 21:47:57
Read The Verdant Passage as well. A chapter in there is called The Crimson Shrine.


Sep 25, 2006 23:50:45
Could I maybe get a brief synopsis?


Sep 28, 2006 10:39:28
Anything by way of a brief description of what happens in that place? I don't have access to The Verdant Passage unfortunately.


Sep 29, 2006 16:12:45
What Lollerkeet has provided is pretty much all that is provided. In The Verdant Passage, the character Agis is barred entry into the shrine because the is found less that "pure of heart" by the wraiths. It is implied that beacuse he is a slave-holder, they will not permit him.

If I recall correctly, Sadira of Tyr decides not to leave Agis behind, so the details of what lay inside are limited to a front-door peak of darkness and candles.

It is my interpretation from The Verdant Passage that the wraiths are not seeking the pure of heart, but those who happen to uphold the beliefs and ideals of the Crimson Knights, who seem to view the ownership of slaves as wrong. Especially when you consider that they permit Sadira, who has severe morality issues throughout the entire series, including VP.


Sep 29, 2006 19:58:28
Denning's Crimson Shrine wraiths are a cross between wraiths and meorties in their actions.

I suggest they have the following abilities from Chapter 3 of TotDL: Bound to Area, and Code of Honor.


Sep 29, 2006 21:18:39
Not sure, but I think that there were some ruins Under Tyr in the old computer game: Wake of the Ravager.

In the ruins, there were some undead guardians that were defending a shrine that held a cursed sword called the "Crimson Bloodletter" or "Bloodletter." Something like that.

Not sure if it was the Crimson Shrine, and not sure if anyone would count it as official, but it is something.

And incase you're curious, it was a +5 metal longsword that lowered your AC by like 2 or 4 points, if I recall correctly.

Also: I think it was stated that the original Tyr was built around the Crimson Shrine...


Oct 01, 2006 9:38:27
Lowered AC in 2nd edition terms or lowered AC in 3rd edition terms?


Oct 01, 2006 22:54:34
3rd edition would not have come out yet, and Dark Sun was only in (hard-bound) print during it's 2nd edition run. So, it's definately 2nd ed. rules.


Oct 01, 2006 23:49:12
I guess I should've been more precise. I meant that it hurts your AC.

I and my friends have always referred to it as lowering, despite it being logically incorrect.