DS NPCs: Orak the Alchemist



Sep 25, 2006 19:19:05
Male Human Wilder5: CR 5; Medium Humanoid ; HD 5d6+15(Wilder) ; hp 37;
Init +1; Spd 30;
AC:11 (Flatfooted:10 Touch:11);
Atk: BAB +3, +2 base melee, +4 base ranged; +2 (1d4-1, Dagger);
AL CE; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +6;
SQ: Surging Euphoria (wild Surge gives +1 attack damage saves 7 rounds), Wild Surge(+2 caster level, 10% chance of Psychic Enervation, dazed to next turn and loses 5 PPs), Elude Touch (+4 AC versus touch attacks), Volatile Mind (enemy telepathy attacks cost +1PPs more)
STR 8, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 16, WIS 14, CHA 18.
Skills: Balance +7, Bluff +9, Climb +7, Concentration +10, Craft (Alchemy) +9, Escape Artist +9, Hide +4, Listen +4, Move Silently +3, Psicraft +7, Sense Motive +7, Spot +4, Tumble +6.
Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency: light, Empower Power (expend spionic focus for +50% on random variable of power), Psionic Talent 1st, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency.
Powers Known Wilder, DC 14+ power level, PPs: 37
1st -- Crystal Shard (range 35’ range touch attack +4, 1d6 hp pierce, augmentable), Demoralize (30’ spread on caster, 5 minutes, Will save, Shaken effect, doesn’t harm allies); 2nd -- Inflict Pain (35’, will save, -4 attack skill ability checks, or -2 if save, 5 rounds, augmentable)
Possessions: obsidian Dagger masterwork, 56 cp, 3 SP, potion of Cure Serious Wounds (x2, lvl 5), Antitoxin (x5)

Orak is a vicious, indeed almost pscyhopathic young man in his early 20s, green tattoos over his left ear, small (5’4”), very wiry, no spare flesh, almost no eyebrows, dark brown hair, piercing cold grey eyes (sort of like Robert Carlyle the actor).

A brilliant mind and a talent for alchemy has lead him into the murky world of drug peddling. He oversees a small, secret workshop brewing narcotics, aided by a gang of thugs. Wary and willing to use psionic violence on any who accost or anger him, he’s feared. Orak hates being reminded of his shortness or any illusion of physical weakness, he does exercises constantly when not working but he has never been able to improve his paltry strength, though he’s incredibly fit. People encountering him will note his dislike, hatred indeed of large, powerful folk like muls and half-giants.

Though he makes drugs, he has nothing but contempt for folk weak enough to use them. Orak is consumed with desire to be stronger, and learning alchemical secrets, and making folk fear him.

Tactics: he likes using a Wild Surge to boost his manifester level to 7, and Crystal Shard augmented, PP cost 5, damage 7d6 hp, 10% chance of psychic enervation, if possible he will psionically Empower for +50% damage ups the cost to 7 PPs, and loses psionic focus (which takes standard action to meditate).
Note that due to his hatred for people more physically imposing than he, he nearly always targets big, strong creatures in preference to any others.



Sep 25, 2006 21:46:23
In athas.org's rules, Craft (alchemy) is a bard-only skill.

Mmm, this reminds me guys, can the Loremaster ability that gives you X number of ranks in a skill you have none in...can be taken for class-specific skills like Craft (alchemy)?


Sep 25, 2006 23:38:25
Well, alchemy as bard only makes ~no sense~ to me, sorry
Wizards, sorcerors, druids, clerics make potions and other alchemical things...
Experts too.

To be frank the bard class in standard D&D, never mind athas, doesn't make much sense. But that's another issue ;)

I think one of the few bad thing sleft in 3.5 Ed is that class skills are absolute, which I find plain out stupid. Limiting each class to a set amount of class skills, then letting them pick which ones, makes MUCH more sense. In normal D&D, why the heck would a fighter have Ride as a class skill if he's a sea faring raider? He'd have Navigation or such instead.
hence I give NPCs class skills that make sense.