Mixing Urban Arcana and Greyhawk



Sep 28, 2006 14:35:37
I've posted a thread to the Urban Arcana board to discuss the meta-topic of the interaction between Greyhawk and Urban Arcana, if anyone is interested. Backstory for those who don't know UA:

UA is a campaign setting and sourcebook for d20 Modern that involves many of the elements of the core setting (derived from Greyhawk). The backstory is that elements of a fantasy-genre world are "bleeding" through the barrier between it and the modern world, resulting in most of what you are familliar with in a typical D&D setting, showing up in the modern world as we know it. This barrier is called Shadow (not to be confused with the Plane of Shadow), and creatures that move through it are changed such that they speak the local languages, and do not recall most of their former lives.

My working assumptions are outlined in the other thread, but I'd really love to see a good take on what Boccob thinks of all of this and how the ebb and flow of the tide of Shadow might or might not be linked to the dwindling magic of Oerth.

Also, what does it mean that there's a cult of Pelor or Wee Jas in our world? Do these people simply follow the vague memories of shadow creatures or do these Oerthian gods have some sway over the modern world?