[URGENT] Players in Essex needed ...



Sep 29, 2006 15:44:25
Okay, I've just been handed the shock of my life. Another of my players has had to drop out due to family crisis. However he's also suffering gamer burnout as well, so he's not likely to be coming back anytime soon.

The campaign is based in the World of Mystara (0D&D Known World) circa 1000AC, the party are currently approaching a cave outside of Stallenford.

I am using the gazetteers as canon material, with a few additions of my own to the world (some of which you will like, many of which you will come to hate). As well as home grown adventures and plots, I've a large store of D&D modules that I can also draw upon. There is a major story arc complete with a timeline, along with character-driven sidequests.

Most of the campaign will be straight GURPS 4/e rules with some minor house ruling here and there. The following links may be useful:
My Mystara Wiki: http://www.larter.org.uk/doku.php/mystara/home
The official fansite homepage: http://www.pandius.com/index.html
Downloadable GURPS Lite: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/lite/

Players who can be available one sunday in three from 2pm to 10pm, including dinner, are welcome. Please PM me if you're interested.


Nov 19, 2006 15:59:52

Sorry if this offends but I'm bumping this thread. We're still missing a couple of players due to Real Life⁚, so we still have vacancies for one or two players.