AIM/Yahoo/Java: Ravenloft Campaign, seeking players



Sep 29, 2006 20:36:57
I would like to see if there is any interest out there in a chat-based Ravenloft campaign. I'm an experienced DM in my mid-20's with little time to collect a group of like-minded players because of grad school obligations. If I can find a few (3-4) players interested in a game based in the Central/South-Western domains of the Core involving intense character-based psychological horror, I would be all too happy to host a game on the weekends once or twice a month. Interested parties should feel free to contact me using the forums private message system.




Oct 03, 2006 16:02:29
Sounds good! Are psionics available in your game or is it strickly PHB and Ravenloft books?


Oct 26, 2006 19:33:31
I'd be interested in playing as well, if you want to send me an E-Mail with the details, I'd much appreciate it!


Oct 26, 2006 19:57:36
I also would be very interested in playing.

Any home brewed rules we need to know about?

Or just the basic stuff we already know?


Oct 29, 2006 0:48:26
I'd really like to play, but I'd need more information first because I work alot. Fire me an E-Mail with some details, and I can get back to you almost immediately most likely.