Mystara: 3.5 or Basic



Sep 29, 2006 20:39:37
Hey guys,

I am starting a campaign in MYstara.
I have all the books, and the rules.
I was thinking of converting the Old D&D into 3.5 to play the world.

Then I had an idea.
I have all the old sets (Red, Blue, etc) all the way up to the Immortals.
Why not just use the old rules?
It's simpler and might play faster.

Should I use the old rules or just convert to 3.5?


Sep 29, 2006 20:49:25
It depends on playing style... classic is a more fast-paced game with emphasis on role-playing and player/DM interaction... while 3.5 is slower, more options, but less flexibility, and has a tendancy to lead to poower-gaming...

If you are planning for a long-term campaign STORY, then classic... If you're going for more hack-n-slash then 3.5

As far as converting, I'm already working on a massive, all-encompasing conversion of the world with all of it's sub-settings... And I may be just blowing my own horn, but it seems to me that multiple people working (independantly) on the same thing is counterproductive to the fan community...



Sep 29, 2006 23:13:51
I'd say it depends some on your campaign focus. The BECMI rules have several things which are lacking in 3.5, namely the dominion rules and the war machine rules for mass combat. If you're going to have a lot of that, you may find it easier to use BECMI.

In most other respects, I think 3.0/3.5 is superior.


Sep 29, 2006 23:22:23

Thanks for the advice.

Funny thing is, I want mass battles and Role-play so I think I'm going to stick with Basic.

Basic really makes the players powerful and it keeps the battles simple.

Thanks again for the advice guys!


Sep 30, 2006 8:51:00
Should I use the old rules or just convert to 3.5?

The answer to this is to use the rules that you AND your players like. One of the quickest ways to ruin you game is to change the rules. If they are comfortable with 35e, they will probably be unhappy with the spell selection of Classic. If they like Feats..... If they like Skills....... so on....



Sep 30, 2006 13:44:23
I prefer 3.5 or non-D&D systems, but it sounds to me like Classic D&D is what would you would feel most comfortable with. There are extra rules for Classic available on the web, like using the D20 mechanic with Classic which you might consider. Another main advantage with going classic ofcourse is that you wont have to spend all that energy on conversions since its all already there.

Whatever you decide, have fun!



Sep 30, 2006 19:09:57
Another option would be Basic Fanstasy Role-Playing Game. It's built from the SRD but looks and feels like Classic. URL.......