Blackmoor Climate and Ecology



Oct 02, 2006 9:40:35
About the Blackmoor Era:
Has anyone given much thought on the climate of the Blackmoor region? IMC I have decided to set it firmly in a North European climate with the northern part of the map corresponding to the norther part of Denmark, and Blackmoor and the lands south of the Black Sea becoming the equivalents of northern Germany.

As for fauna, I have decided again to go with mostly north european fauna, perhaps some elements from Canada or the northern US. I have decided not to include Dinosaurs, but some Lost World Mammals will be around such as Wooly Mamoths, Wooly Rhinos, Saber Toothed Tigers, Cave Bears and Great Eagles. I can easily see the Afridhi using some of these creatures as mounts, perhaps the Skandaharians do aswell.

The Great Dismal swamp IMC is more like a great north-European marshland, rather than a Louisiana-style swamp which was my first association with the region. Crocs and Gatormen probably won't make an appearance, though I am toying with giant salamanders. Froglin are definately in there, though I am considering portraying them almost like the Deep Ones from Cthulhu, giving them a really creepy feel.

Thoughts? Does such conceptual thinking have merit?



Oct 02, 2006 15:26:40
I'm not sure if this has been discussed somewhere else or even if this is an appropriate reply to your message, but your mentioning of the Froglin reminded me of something from a long time ago.

At one point I gave some thought to the "Froggies" as mentioned in the Temple of the Frog adventure. At that point, I was enamored with the Slaad from AD&D and half decided that the Slaad were the ultimate results of the Temple to create a superior frog-race.

Now, I have to be honest and admit that my memory of the Froglin you mentioned has faded pretty far. It just jogged an old memory.