What is Iuz up to in 3rd ed. Greyhawk?



Oct 02, 2006 10:14:54
Has he conquered more land? Is is beaten? info would be appreciated...


Oct 02, 2006 15:38:04
Depends. Pre-591 or post-591?


Oct 03, 2006 0:44:14
Depends. Pre-591 or post-591?



Oct 03, 2006 4:37:30
Then you would stand a better chance of getting info if you asked on the boards of the various countries from LG-Metaregion III.


Oct 04, 2006 3:42:56
In 596 CY in the world of Living Greyhawk (as distinct from the World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting), Iuz is currently embroiled in a war in the plane of Torremor, the 503rd layer of the Abyss after renigging on his pact with Pazrael. He believes if he can capture the plane, he can become an intermediate power and undestroyable on the Material Plane. Unfortunately, his war effort was set back in late 595 CY when a group of PCs interfered with his coup de grace. Now Pazrael and Iuz are engaged in a stalemate in Torremor.

Meanwhile on the Prime Material Plane, the Empire of Iuz has fallen into some measure of disarray. Several boneheart have been captured or killed, though most remain intact and some are more powerful than ever (such as Cranzer, recently elevated to the position of Greater Boneheart). However, Iuz's empire has been chipped at from all sides. Furyondy has made a huge push into the Horned Lands, taking Molag and currently solidifying their gains there. Crockport has been liberated and the Iuzians pushed completely out of Furyondian territory. In the Vesve, the Highfolk have pushed the humanoids loyal to Iuz back almost to Izlen although securing a forest is no easy task. The Shield Lands is almost completely liberated, with pockets of evil humanoids and priests of Iuz on the run. Defeats in the Shield Lands are responsible for the death or capture of at least two boneheart, one of them being Vayne IIRC.

The Bandit Lands region remains largely under Iuz's domination, however the various petty lords have taken to acting more independent of Iuz lately, some of them even going so far as to crown "kings," such as the Johrase earlier this year, although Cranzer attacked during the coronation and kidnapped the king's soul. Part of the northern Bandit Lands, the so-called Northern Alliance of the Fellands and Rookroost under the leadership of a pair of Iuzian priests is firmly under Iuz's grip although the city of Rookroost itself is currently in a state of civil war after a thieves' guild training master brought the city new hope earlier this year.

The Rovers of the Barrens are still firmly under Iuz's grip. Jumper's citadel at Gibbering Gate remains a stronghold to be reckoned with. However, Iuz's forces have pulled completely out of Tenh and a return is not likely in the near future. The rest of Iuz's domain is largely as it was circa 586 CY (in Iuz the Evil).

This is just how things have panned out in LG however. I suppose it is the closest to an "official" version we have. The Dungeon magazine version of events seems to virtually maintain the status quo, but that is just my opinion from reading adventures in the magazine. The editors of said magazine might have something different to say. If I were to run my own c. 596 CY campaign, that is probably how I would keep it (everything basically the same as it was in the LGG).


Oct 04, 2006 7:32:46
Cool! Can u tell us which Boneheart members died and how? I like the ongoing LG plots but they are hard to keep track of.


Oct 05, 2006 0:40:42
Iuz's loss of land in the Prime Material Plane would be in keeping with his extremely CE nature...he was just too chaotic to hold everything in place as he may have imagined he thought he could...


Oct 05, 2006 7:57:20
Panshazek died in the seige of Molag I believe. The Furyondy Triad would be better to ask about that though. Vayne was captured when the Shield Lands seized Admundfort. There was also an adventure in which you could encounter Maskalyne, but that adventure was pulled so I don't know the official result.

Ah yes, and one other thing. Lesser Boneheart Earl Aundurach was deposed as Boneheart when he failed to prevent General Hok from capturing Hallorn. Aundurach's current wherabouts are unknown, but it is rumored he has a new patron and is bristling for revenge (I'd say more but it would reveal spoilers).