Spells - Are there anymore out there?



Oct 02, 2006 18:03:27
Hey guys!

Well I started my campaign. I must say I like the Basic D&D rules alot. Really simple and adds itself to great story. One thing I notice that the rules are short on Spells. Cleric and Mages don't have that many.

In the Glantri Gazetteer, they have a simple process about making spells. I was thinking of bringing over some of the 3.5e Spells that fit in Mystara.

My question is, is there a book or website that has more Basic D&D Spells?

Does anyone know a sight or resource material that is out there that I could get my hands on?

Converting 3.5e to Basic isn't that big of a deal.

Just wanted to know if anyone else had already done it or if anyone had made new spells that I could use.


Oct 02, 2006 18:44:52
I've done some research for you. With regard to "official" spells, other than the basic, expert, companion, master, and immortal sets (advancing pcs from 1 to 37+ level), no. You could convert the ad&d unearthed arcana to basic or search the intro-net for some.
Oh, and I have found this website to be useful, it is the TSR Archive.



Oct 02, 2006 19:19:30

Thanks man!

That's a great site. Neat to know that I own all the basic books and modules (yeah Im old, leave me alone lol!).

Great suggestion about the Unearthed Arcana. Completely forgot about that.

I also have the Dragon Magazine CD Rom Collection (250 Issues). Im going to research that as well.

Converting to D&D should be a snap. Just have to watch for balance issues.

Thanks again!


Oct 02, 2006 20:08:02
You might want to look at the spellbook for my WnW rules too. Really light and could be converted to the Classic game with ease.




Oct 02, 2006 21:47:24
There is also some over on the Vaults:



Oct 03, 2006 2:53:49
Most spells from AD&D are broadly compatible with OD&D.


Oct 03, 2006 3:41:58
You can also try the Dragonsfoot Classic D&D forum.



Oct 20, 2006 6:03:55
A lot of "offical" spells can be found in various Gazetteers, and they can be of course adopted for any class. Minrothad has spells for Merchant princes, Five Shires for Masters, Alfheim has a specific elven spell list, Ethengar has many cleric/shaman spells, and if I remember correctly you can find some spells in Northern Reaches also. Ylaruam has some desert-specific spells. Plus of course there is the Shadow Elf Gaz with both new MU spells and loads of Shaman spells. And there should be some in Atruaghin too.

There is overlap in Gazetteer spells, but each one offers something new. Also I have on occasion taken some of the druid spells into wider use.

With some tweaking this gives a good range of spells which are mostly compatible and don't break the balance.

(Actually the most unbalancing spell and one that most people seem to have changed is WEB: a 2nd level spell that incapacitates any opponent without a save!)

One should also be wary of spells that grow more efficient as one gains levels. 1st edition AD&D was notorious of this. There were a few 1st level spells that became the most efficient ones in combat - plus a high level mage would have a helluva lot of them. Magic Missile was originally a virtual machine gun - in 2nd it was toned down a lot.