The Tenser Campaign



Oct 04, 2006 21:57:19
I have just started my own campaign set on Oerth and I thought I would post it here hoping for some constrctive advice. Mind, I am not a fanatic for cannon so if what I post is just too far fetched for you then please just ignore what I have to say.

My Campaign is set after Tenser has been restored to his full self following the events in the module "Return of the Eight". Upon his return Tenser has found himself nearly penniless with few of his belongings (read magical treasures/spell books) in tact. He decides to spend some time reflecting on everything in a monastary/temple of Boccob. To be blunt, he is irked with the Circle of Eight for:

1. Not doing more to ease the sufferings of the War refugges.
2. Not doing more to reverse the the fortunes of Iuz.
3. Doing absolutely nothing to to Bring Rary and Robilar to justice for his "murder" and the murder of the other two Cof8 members.

While studying at the temple of Boccob, Tenser comes across a copy of the Rare Water (see Dragon 338). This is a prophecy that magic is slowly draining away. That more magic is used the faster it will disapeer. Also that there might be a a "dark force" that wants this destruction to occur.

Upon reflection Tenser realizes the truth in this but he also discovers a new layer of the prophecy. One that says their may be hope in either slowing the decline down or perhaps stopping it all together.

Realizing the Cof8 will not helpm tenser decides he must create his own organization that will:
1. Protect magic by gathering magical items/spells and storehousing them.
2. Prevent the misuse of magic (ie. stop evil doers from evil doing)
3. Instruct the populace in the correct and responsble use of magic (see #2)
4. Seek out more of Rare Water and discover if there IS a destructive froce(s) threatening the wellspring of magic.

Well that is the overall campaign plot. When I write next I will add some other ideas that I am thinking about.

Question for the forum: What other Greyhawk elements should I include to give the campaign more flavor?


Oct 05, 2006 8:33:00
This is just my personal opinion, but it seems to me like things would be the other way around. The Co8 would be interested in protecting magic while Tenser is actually interested in hunting down the bad guys. The whole reason he left after all was because the Co8 refused to take a more active role in the wars. Perhaps you could refine the idea so that the Co8 discovered the prophecy and Tenser wants to stop them for some reason, hence seeming the aggressor. However, when your PCs learn more, they discover that the Co8 is willing to protect magic whatever the cost (and it is likely to be high), while Tenser is merely trying to ensure that the lives of Oerthians are safe as well. Only by allying themselves with Tenser and choosing the difficult path can the PCs both save the lives of countless innocents AND prevent magic from being destroyed.


Oct 05, 2006 20:16:12
That's what Tenser is doing in my campaign: fighting the bad guys, namely Iuz (among others, but he's the primary concern at the moment). An interesting turn of events had Vayne (of Iuz' Lesser Boneheart) defect and seek the protection of our characters, and he stole from one of the archers what everyone thought was a helm of true seeing or something similar (in an effort to further enhance his protection), but was really a helm of opposite alignment. Needless to say, the now lawful good Vayne decided that Tenser's ideas were more in line with his new way of thinking, and they teamed up. They are seeking the five Blades of Corusk to slay Iuz (they can slay anyone falsely claiming to be Vatun, which Iuz did at the beginning of the first war), and even though they know that the Abyssal lord Pazrael has designs on the Empire of Iuz and will supplant him given the chance, they think they can deal with him once Iuz is out of the way. What they are unaware of is that our characters now possess all five of the Blades and we have no intention of slaying Iuz; it is better to deal with an enemy one knows than with an enemy one does not know, so the plan is to essentially emasculate Iuz with the threat of the Blades. In the meantime, Tenser and Vayne are still attempting to find the Blades...

Anyway, that's what Tenser is up to in my campaign, for what it's worth... it seemed more logical than anything else at the moment considering his alignment, and he also has a sample of oerthblood he intends to use to construct an artifact (presumably to aid in the fight against Iuz and other evil agencies)...


Oct 11, 2006 21:05:20
As promised here are some more ideas regarding the campaign.

Tenser finds out that few people believe in the Prophecy of Rare Water. In fact, the prophecy only seems to be believed by the small lawful minority of Boccob worshippers. When he tries to enlist the Co8's help he is rebuffed and all but labeled a lunatic.

However one can not notice that magic is not as reliable as it once seemed. To emphasize that point instead of the Vancian magic system I am using a skill based magic system found in a third party book called Legends of Sorcery. Though wizards (other spellcasters for that matter) can cast more spells per day, if the fail their skill check the spell may fumble with some truly disastrous results.

In the first few adventures, the characters are just Tenser's hired help. I am using some modules published by Goodman's Games (Wyldesgate and the other the name escapes me). I have altered the story line slightly in both. I have set them along the border of the County of Urnst and the Bandit Kingdoms. Their reason is nearly mercenary: they are trying to stablize the border and therefore earn Tenser's Organization some funds. If they survive they are going to learn the identity of a wizard that might have some hidden information regarding the Rare Water and a connection involving the Co8.

One thing I have not decided on is the identity of the force of evil (if there is one) that is destroying magic. I am tempted to go with certain god of destruction but I am wondering if that has been overdone. If it was not for the fact that two of my players are currently in the Age of Worms campaign I would be tempted to use Kryuss.

Well last time I asked for some construcive criticism regading what I am doing. I am not planning to change anything I am doing but I do want to include some other elements of Greyhawk that might add flavor. Would love to hear anything useful.


Oct 25, 2006 23:52:12
Not much has happened since my last entry given the fact that my group has had to take a short hiatus due to schedule conflicts.

One of the things that I have always felt 3e was missing was the fact that when characters gained a level they automatically gained all the shiny bells and wistles that came along. One of the things I am attempting to do with this campaign is to bring back the need for training. In first eddition, a character, upon reaching the requisite number of xp, had to seek out an npc of higher level that they then had to pay to recieve instructions. Only then did he gain the desired level. Though I believe this system was setup so the DM could control the flow of gold in his campaign, I feel that this system also allows great role-playing potential and also presents great adventure seeds:
"Character X wants to learn Spell Y, so the wise master sends him and his companions to retrieve the yada yada yada."

Before people start screaming, not every level would require training. Only levels where a character gains considerable abilities or if they radically change classes would require training. This is still just a work in progress, I will update when appropriate.

I also think this system works well when players want to play a class that is relatively new:
One of my players wanted to play a duskblade. So I decided that dusksblades were an ancient order of arcane knights that help put the Great Kingdom on the map. The order was all but extinct but just prior to his assination Tenser had been researching their origin. One of his apprentices, Lhun of Chathold (wizard 4, duskblade 7), continued the reasearch and eventually met and joined a small group duskblades. Luhn has since rejoined Tenser and has since began recruiting future duskblades (hence my player's reason for joining this group) to help Tenser.

Ok, question for the throng: One of my players is playing a druid, an i don't know how to make her fit, any sugestions?


Oct 26, 2006 13:13:57
Ok, question for the throng: One of my players is playing a druid, an i don't know how to make her fit, any sugestions?

Well, historically speaking, a group known as the Cabal of the Hierophants (read: high-level druids) has always tried to maintain the "balance" in the Flanaess. Mordenkainen was their ally for a while but now they are a bit at odds, IIRC, due to Mordy's attitude of my way is the only good way.

Depending on how the Co8 is interacting with Tenser right now in your campaign, the druid could be one of their agents working "behind the scene" to either hinder or help him. Or he could just be spying on Tenser.