The Aftermath of the Athar



Oct 04, 2006 22:40:58
-I know that there was some kind of falling out between the many Factions of Sigil- hence the module Faction War. And, I know that one of the results of all of the conflict was the Athar being "cast" from Sigil. Could someone fill me in with a few more details, since I don't own said module.

-Also, I want to create an Athar fortification in my homebrewed campaign setting. I figure that these couple of people left Sigil, and were "missionaries" of sorts, spreading the good word to the masses. Sound reasonable, or is this something that would not be done, for whatever the reason?


Oct 05, 2006 1:10:28
All the factions were given an ultimatum by the dabus - under the direction of Our Lady of Pain - that the city tolerates your faction no longer. Abandon it or die. The factioneers interpreted this in two different ways: some of them abandoned their factions, while others abandoned the city.

The Athar elected to abandon the city, most of them relocating to the base of the Spire, where the rilmani tolerate them (for the time being). See, the Athar aren't very popular among the gods - that is, the Powers - which is one of the main reasons they liked to hang out in Sigil. With Sigil closed to them, the only other place in the cosmos the Powers couldn't harm them was the Spire, where their power would be reduced to that of mere mortals.

Now, the disadvantage of this is that it's hard to prostelyze at the Spire, where apart from rilmani and treatying gods not many people go. So some refused to leave Sigil, but hide in the catacombs beneath the city, holding meetings and making plans to regain their lost power.

There's a lot more detail in Chapter 3 of the Planewalker Planescape Campaign Setting, which you should download.

As for your second question, yes. It's perfectly reasonable. Not every Athar is going to hide like a cornered rat where the Powers can't reach them. Some are going to go out and continue to fight the good fight.


Oct 05, 2006 13:21:42
-Ah, OK. Thanks for that link, too, by the way.